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You Can Help Government Shutdown Employees – It’s Easy

No matter your political viewpoint, the government shutdown is undeniably painful for the many government employees who depend on salaries to support themselves and their families.

Often these employees are women who are the sole provider for their children. We all hope this will end soon. However, in the meantime, there is real economic hardship for these employees who are essentially innocent victims of political standoffs.

GoFundMe.com is a great way you can directly help people and it’s quick and easy. Deepak Chopra and GoFundMe partnered to create a relief fund providing donations directly to nonprofits that are focused on helping government workers impacted by the shutdown. There is a large fund called GoFundMe Launches Government Shutdown Direct Relief Fund for government employees not receiving their salaries.

Your donations are anonymous and safe. Even small amounts can be very helpful to buy food, gas or medicine for a family without a paycheck.

GoFundMe doesn’t charge to create and to share an online fundraising campaign, nor do they charge for using the platform. GoFundMe is almost entirely free except for the payment processing fee, which is about 3% which will be deducted from each donation.

I also like to see how help can be given to individuals and families for a more specific impact. New families are arriving often as they realize the continuing difficulty.

You can make donations to specific government employees who need some help by typing “government employees” in the search field on the GoFundMe home page. When you do, you’ll find campaigns for more than 2,500 employees, and the number who are without paychecks and have turned to this site for help is growing.

Here are a few of the many employed individuals missing their paychecks. There are many more on the site.

As one woman says, “My only goal on GofundMe is to raise enough money to pay my mortgage, utilities, prescriptions, and groceries for the month. This is definitely hard.”

Here’s a mother with two boys: Government shutdown employee mom of two boys.

Here are over 200 more employees with 2 kids and no paycheck: Other Government employees with 2 kids.

And here’s a family with a newborn baby: Newborn baby in Duke.

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