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Women’s Stress – 5 Effective Tips to Reduce It

Stress seems to be a constant in most women’s lives. Everything from managing schedules for all family members, managing a professional life, and managing a household. When is there time to get everything done and what happens if you cannot get to everything? The pressure cooker builds and so does the stress associated with the demands of life for women over 50.

Here are some tips that can help any woman manage daily life and minimize the stress associated with it.

1. Take Time for You

Meditation or reading a book even taking a bath to decompress after a long day will not only help you take time to focus on relaxation but also help with your sleep patterns giving you a good night’s sleep. If none of these items is your cup of tea, try maintaining a journal to document your day and to remind you of the things you are grateful for from that day. These types of activities will keep you grounded and grateful for the down times in your life.

2. Get Out and Move

Whether you love to run, box or yoga, take this time to just be and focus on the activity that will release the endorphins that can create a happiness attitude. Going for a walk is a great way to break up your day at work and will keep the mind fresh for new ideas. Moving will also help release the tension that has been built from the never-ending battle of “have to dos.”

3. Coping With an Empty Household

For years your life was consumed with getting the kids fed and carted off to school among a long list of other things. For some women, an empty nest after 50 can be quite stressful when they are used to the hustle and bustle of a young family. Even if your kids are still in the house, now that they are older they need you less. This is the perfect time to be a little selfish and apply yourself where you think is best. If there is a hobby you always wanted to do but never did because you feared it would take away from the little ones; now, over 50, is your time.

4. Visible Calendars

Whether you use an electronic calendar or one that is in your mounted to your wall, give your family visibility into all the activities happening in the household. There is nothing worse than wondering who is taking which child to which after-school activity or whether a spouse has to work late and no one is around to cook dinner. Making calendars visible either by sharing these calendars openly or by hosting weekly meetings to review everyone’s schedules can help everyone in the family understand schedules and responsibilities during the week.

5. Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is tough when you feel out of control. But eating healthy is a must when your stress is at its highest. Vegetables, fruits and whole grains are foods that can help manage your stress by creating a calming is a must when your stress is at its highest. Vegetables, fruits and whole grains are foods that can help manage your stress by creating a calming affect while sugars, fatty foods and caffeine can actually fuel your stress levels. Eating healthy like exercise will also help you sleep soundly so that you can recharge the batteries for the next day.

Life can throw you a lot of curve balls, especially over 50. So getting the parts of your life organized and better prepared will help you reduce your stress. From clearing the clutter in your home to planning your financial goals for the year, these activities will help you develop a plan and a set of goals. Removing clutter in your home has a direct impact on your state of mind, so remove what you are not using by donating or selling it. Determine what you would like to accomplish for the year. Would you like a trip to Dollywood with the family or to redecorate a new room or put more money in a college fund for your children or to start a company.

Whatever your goals, sit down, write them down and start understanding the steps that you need to do to reach those goals. This also includes getting your family on board with the goals and having everyone. With some simple steps, you can minimize the stress in your life after 50 and become more productive, healthier and happier.

by: Elizabeth Dodson

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