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Why Internet Broadcasters Should Use Video Streaming Services

Broadcasting your content live is the best way for you to connect with your viewers in real time, while creating a live interactive online community based around your Internet broadcasts. Video streaming services allow active engagement and allow you to promote social media at the same time. Read on for more tips on creating an ideal live stream that will promote your content.

Live streaming allows for a wider reach and immediate attention from your online audience. Live streaming your content allows you to reach a wider audience, promoting your content to both existing and potential customers. Not only are you reaching a wider audience,because more people tend to tune into a live online event that they know they will be unable to access later, but you also ensure immediate attention from your digital audience. This immediate attention is important if you’re promoting timely content or a product that needs to be sold stat. When businesses offer on-demand video content like viral videos, many people don’t see such content until weeks or even months later. When you market a live stream, you make sure that your audience sees it and interacts with your content, whether that means buying your product or engaging with your company, immediately. Entrepreneur mentions that internal videos within a business can help recruit more talent, and the same can be said for broader, public broadcasts about your company on social media.

Live streaming your content is less expensive than hosting an in-person.Consider all the costs associated with hosting an in-person event. From space rentals and catering to travel and lodging, hosting an in-person event can run a company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Live streaming your content saves you tens of thousands of dollars, while reaching more people. You can generate more leads for less money, so why not live stream your content online instead of promoting your brand in person?

Not only is live streaming less expensive, but you can actually increase your company’s revenue by easily generating new leads through free live streaming events. You can also charge for your live stream feed or if you’re live streaming an in-person event, you can charge admission for in-person attendees, as well as any merchandise you sell during your event and online. Live streaming makes it easier and quicker to increase your business revenue, while also saving money.

You can broaden your options by incorporating social media into your live stream. Broaden your options and widen your reach by increasing engagement on your social network during your live stream. Encourage viewers to visit your company’s social network, increasing your likes and building a solid following. Take it a step further by promoting your live stream on your social media pages. Share content directly to your Facebook wall to cross promote your live stream and social media following. Cross promoting your brand across live stream and social media like Twitter and LinkedIn helps make the reach of your live stream exponentially more successful, as users and followers are more likely to share it, according to The Guardian.

Where should you broadcast your live stream? When deciding where to promote your live stream content, it’s important to consider what you’re looking for in terms of the capabilities of the broadcast streaming services. You might want to consider providers like Blue Jeans if you’re looking for the following: Do you want an accessible platform that allows viewers to watch your live stream content from anywhere? Do you want to be able to promote your live stream content to thousands of viewers? Do you want your attendees to be able to interact with you? Do you want to be able to monitor attendee participation?

Video streaming services that are cloud-based allow presenters to interact over video while live stream their event to thousands of viewers. Attendees can watch or listen from a computer, room system or mobile device, providing easy access to countless viewers, no matter where they are. Unlike traditional webcasts and webinars, where there’s a barrier between presenters and viewers, with this video streaming service, presenters can allow attendees to go live. The attendee simply virtually raises his or her hand, the moderator invites the attendee to go live and the attendee accepts the invitation and becomes an interactive participant.

The signature video collaboration service allows up to 100 interactive presenters and 3,000 remote attendees, who can interact from anywhere. The platform seamlessly transitions passive viewers into active video participants and allows presenters to call the shots by sharing audio and video content, while also being able to moderator attendees who participate in the broadcast.

Get ready to live stream your video content today! Live streaming your content via a video streaming service is the best way to ensure a wider reach, more immediate attention, fewer costs, more cross promoting across social media and interactive engagement from your viewers.

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