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Who Says Sex Isn’t Important to Seniors?

While it is true that physical strength changes and slowly weakens as we age, it is doubtful that our sex drive wilts too. The sex fantasies may change and even the sexual preferences may change, but as for the sex drive, there is really no age limit. Since sex can be viewed as something that is done mostly by youth and middle-aged people, the subject of whether seniors are still sexually active is hardly ever discussed.

It should not be as surprising to think that seniors are still sexually active. You might be surprised to know that they are just as sexually active as younger people.

Sexual Activity is Affected by Health More Than Age

For most people, sex is a basic necessity for survival. While the idea may seem laughable, the truth is far from it. In some ways, sex can be a good way to maintain your health, especially for seniors where strenuous activities and exercise can be out of the question. Although some may think that sex depletes with age, it is actually attributed more to your physical health and ability than to the number of years you have lived.

As we grow older, our ability to build stronger personal relationships with our partner strengthens and the romance can go deeper. Therefore, sex becomes more intimate and meaningful, and this is why older couples get to enjoy sex more. Yes, growing old can also mean becoming weaker physically but it does not mean you have to sacrifice sex. Seniors and older couples will give up other arduous physical activities, but sex is not one of them.

Too Little Is Known about How Sex Changes as People Age

In surveys and studies, there have been very few cases of older people stopping sexual activity strictly due to old age. In fact, most seniors would confess that the sex gets better as you grow older. It’s true that some sex positions or escapades may become a challenge as muscles and bones age. However improvement in sex lives is mostly credited to the romance and intimacy that two older people can have.

Physical changes are inevitable, especially as you grow older. Instead of taking this as a problem, older people can take this as an opportunity to explore a new development in their relationship. The focus is not longer just on sex, but on intimacy, deeper pleasure and expressing their affection to their partner.

Sex is not just about the length, strength and frequency, as younger couples may think. It is more of about how intimate and romantic a relationship can be. As long as the fire is still alive, sex knows no age.

Vaginal Treatments Can Be Helpful

Some older women who would like to find a new partner or just rejuvenate themselves for their current partner invest in treatments of vaginal conditions and rejuvenation.

As its well known, sex is a physical activity that is also a way to keep the body active and healthy. Seniors are well aware of this. Since extreme physical activities such as hiking or running may sometimes be out of the question, sex is something that you can do into the twilight years of life. So if your sexual desire remains, your health is good and you have a mate that is just as healthy, you can continue to have all the sex you want.


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