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White Hair – A New Kind of Beauty

When my mother was my age, long hair was considered “inappropriate” in an older woman, unless it was wound up in a bun or a “chignon” (who remembers chignons?); when I was my daughter’s age, I thought white hair was synonymous with “old lady.”

I have kept my hair long, but have been “covering the grey” for decades. Like many of us, I wish I didn’t, if for no other reason than the skunk line that appears along the part within weeks after the $100 treatment. It is clear from those roots that I would be completely white if I went natural. I haven’t gotten even close to going there. I am afraid I would look “washed out” or that I would send the message, as someone said, that I had “given up.”

Comes the cover of the paperback edition of my book How We Love Now showing a woman’s head from the back with long white hair, and I love it! I have admired the glory of an all-white mane from afar, but hadn’t registered what an inspiration it can be. The folks at my publisher who found that image have done me a favor – and I hope my readers too. Although her back is to us, the proud and confident set of her head and the glory of her silver locks project freedom and sensuality and authenticity. Hers is a new kind of beauty, as befits our new outlook, a beauty that does not defy age but makes of it an opportunity to get real.

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