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What I Learned from My Magazine Time on the Couch

The title of the overdue book returned to a public library in San Francisco 100 years after it had been checked out? Forty Minutes Late. (Readers Digest, 04/17)

In 1999, Kathy McKeon, Jackie Kennedy’s former assistant, went to a Halloween party dressed in a Marge Simpson costume she’d made from one of the former first lady’s hand-me-down nightgowns and won the prize for Best Costume. (People, 05/08/17)

People with higher incomes live longer. (Time, 4/25/16)

Chris Rock has no trust in mankind. (Rolling Stone, 05/17)

Elizabeth Warren gets a kick out of people showing her their NEVERTHELESS, SHE PERSISTED tattoos. (Time, 06/05/17)

If you’re born in the fall (September, October or November) you have a better chance of living an extra-long life. (Reader’s Digest, 05/17)

The chair that J.K. Rowling sat in while writing Harry Potter is worth $394,000. (Time, 4/25/16)

A study found that when choir members sang in unison, their heart rates slowed down and eventually synchronized. (Reader’s Digest, 05/17)

The Museum of Sex has a bicycle-powered dildo in its collection. (The New Yorker, 05/29/17)

Debra Winger’s advice for dealing with aging? “Own fewer mirrors.” (People, 6/29/17)

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