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The Top 5 Friendliest Cities in North America

To measure city’s friendliness or unfriendliness might be hard, but this is not impossible. There are a few lists worldwide which talk about “the friendliest cities”, and they are usually built on various travelers experiences and so on. Today, let’s take a bit of time and let’s take a look at one segment from these lists – the North America region and let’s find out what are the top 5, according to other travelers, friendliest towns. Travel Ticker is here to help us out as well. You’ll appreciate their list.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

If you are a fan of TV series called “Breaking Bad” Albuquerque’s name is not a stranger to you. The main action of the series took place in this town, but there is no need to be worried that this city is full of meth heads. In fact, many people consider this fantastic city in New Mexico as not only one of the friendliest but also one of the ones, with the perfect climate! The town is also ideal for people who are looking for lack of noise since Albuquerque is one of the metropolises who can be proud of their perfect silence. So this town is not only ideal for tourists who want to meet new friendly people, but for visitors who are looking for a real peaceful oasis in the middle of a desert.

new mexico

New Orleans, Louisiana

Louisiana is definitely one of the funniest and friendliest areas in the United States. However, its town New Orleans is the one standing out as the friendliest one for sure. Louisiana’s capital might impress everyone who comes here, since the all-year long festive mood, amazing food and music all around might be overwhelming for some people. Well, in a good way! One thing is for sure here – New Orleans is the city made for senses, so here your ears, eyes, tongue and whole body will feel the spirit of friendliness and love for life for sure.


Charleston, South Carolina

If you want to learn what is so-called “southern hospitality” you just must stop by at Charleston. And there is no need to explain continuously to you why. Simply because Charleston has been on the top of various “friendliest city” lists for decades, and locals do really work hard to maintain the good reputation. Therefore, in this South Carolina town, you can always find what to do and always find someone who will be happy to help you. So, it won’t be hard to prove the legend about the southern hospitality this city is so famous and proud of.

south carolina

Savannah, Georgia

Another city famous for its southern hospitality is Savannah in Georgia. People do really love this town, and hence, they do like to recommend tourists to come here as well. But this is not everything that a city can offer. In fact, Savannah is one of the oldest cities in the region, so its architecture, history, and art will blow your mind in a first place. After that, if you get accidentally lost, don’t be worried – locals are very communicative and ready to help every person in need.


Park City, Utah

Ta-daam! The perfect, friendliest city in the United States is Park City! This Utah’s diamond is definitely worth this title since Park City is surely one of the most hospitable, helping and charming cities. However, the city is better known as the town which hosts annual Sundance film festival, which you just have to attend once as well. The city also has other amazing attractions which will make your soul happy all year long. Therefore, here every travel no matter his age, sex, or needs, can find something fun and exciting to do. If that is not enough – Park City was named as the most beautiful cities in the United States as well. So this amazing town has a lot of titles, and it works really hard to keep up with all the good expectations these awards makes. The good thing is that Park City keeps up with that pretty good so that you won’t be disappointed.


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