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The Myth of the SuperMom: Moms Need “Guilt Free” Time to Rest!

With millions of moms doing everything from working on their careers to taking care of their homes, to managing countless hours of caregiving for their families and kids – it’s no wonder that many of them carry the title of SuperMom. Even moms with older kids still find themselves shuttling them off from one place to another or having to constantly attend to their needs. But some experts say their “superhero” status is often costing them the high price of excessive fatigue, sleep deprivation, and other health and wellness risks. 

This is especially true when it comes to mature women who are still functioning as caregivers for the home, or even for loved ones outside of the home. In fact, mature women are sometimes still in the nurturing phase as more women opt to wait longer to have children. Moreover, they even find themselves tending to elderly parents as approximately one quarter of US women aged 45-64 are eldercare providers. This means some of them are even juggling both childcare and eldercare at the same time.  

While this SuperMom mentality helps today’s moms get a ton of things done, it can also result in moms not getting nearly enough rest, which has a serious impact on the health and wellness of women. Over 60% of women over 50 report suffering from insomnia, which can also worsen during and after menopause.[2] As these women approach their prime, they frequently report suffering from physical stressors such as back and joint pain too. And if that’s not enough, this problem is also often exacerbated by feelings of guilt that many moms have when they do take time for themselves.

But this mentality is toxic and needs to be changed. The unrealistic expectations that arise from the SuperMom mentality often leads to complete burnout, and many times, this worsens the situation since it leaves the caregiver in a state where they become unable to do anything. Caregiver burnout syndrome leaves these women feeling fatigued, stressed, anxious and even depressed.[3]  

But we can all agree that moms deserve better. And, with Mother’s Day being this month, it’s especially important to recognize them and to give them some relief as most mothers report wanting to sleep or to take a break from their regular responsibilities on this special day.[4,5] So, with this in mind, loved ones may want to forget the gift cards and flowers, and try giving moms the ultimate present, which is a little “R&R” and a great sleep experience that can allow her to feel rejuvenated and recharged afterward.

In fact, when considering the type of sleep-enhancing elements to give mom this year you can look to The National Sleep Foundation’s chart on key factors that improve sleep. These factors include things like environmental tools that call for upgrading an old mattress to a more high quality product, or for considering products that support relaxation techniques.

Furthermore, here are some great suggestions that you can consider to help optimize mom’s sleep environment in a way that ensures you are delivering the gift she truly needs.

  • Help her relax – Treat mom to a spa day to encourage relaxation. Or considering looking at her current sleep environment and identify if there are things that can help with relaxation, such as calming bedroom décor, plush blankets or new pillows.
  • Take over her duties – Giving mom even one day off from her regular duties of caregiving gives her some much-needed time for rest and relaxation. She’ll be sure to sleep better after some of the stress is relieved.
  • Add Aromatherapy – Aromatherapy solutions can also help mom relax and drift off into a deep sleep. From scented candles, to essential oils, these are all great tools that smell wonderful and that also inspire relaxation.
  • Don’t Get On Her Nerves – Make Mother’s Day the one day that you don’t put strong demands on your mom, or bring up tough or sensitive subjects. The power of silence can be golden and may be one of the best gifts you can give her on this special day.
  • Purchase a new mattress – Millions of people lose good, quality sleep each night because they are sleeping on old, worn out mattress products. One great thing you can do for your mom is get her an innovative new mattress that relieves aches and pains, provides comfort, keeps the body cool at night and properly aligns her spine while resting. In fact, quality mattresses are now even more affordable than you think.

Being a mom is hard; being a SuperMom is near impossible. So remember, by giving your mom some guilt-free time to rest and recharge, you will not only be bringing her some added joy and relief, but you will also be giving yourself a peace of mind in knowing that you can keep mom around and healthy for years to come. She’s certainly earned it!   

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