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The Best Retreats For Women – Women At Woodstock

Upside of 50 has been glad to sponsor Women At Woodstock for the past 8 years - and we're excited to again sponsor this year's retreats in October; the Workshop Retreat for women over 50 (Oct. 17-21) and the Writers Retreat for women of any age (Oct. 21-25). Both promise to be absolutely the best in everything that Women At Woodstock has to offer.

If you've never heard of the Women At Woodstock Retreats, what we want to tell you first of all is that they're like no other gathering you've ever attended.

A big conference? No. Each retreat is limited to 36 women; it's an intimate gathering, it's a communal experience, it's both invigorating and relaxing. It will not exhaust you.

A pressure-cooker networking event? No. The gathering is casual, authentic, not a place where you'll get business cards and "elevator pitches" shoved in your face.

But are connections made? You bet. And they're real and they last. It's because of the "real women" vibe and the chill setting that women really get to know one another at Women At Woodstock and friendships are formed that are heartfelt and lasting.

Both retreats are held in the Hudson Valley in an eco-conscious, solar-powered, light-filled lodge situated by itself on 95 pristine acres of woodland. We have the whole place to ourselves. Our own caterer prepares hearty, healthy. locally sourced meals morning, noon, and night. We gather by the fire every evening with wine and cheese to discuss the day and to brainstorm issues that any one of us might bring to the table. During the writers retreat, we have fireside readings every night.

At Women At Woodstock, our smart & accomplished women share what they know with one another in our workshops and in small-group and private discussions; we gather daily for yoga (if we like), we walk the trails in the surrounding property when we feel like it; we traverse the labyrinth in the meadow above the lodge. In short, we revel in life, we enjoy true companionship, we connect with one another and we reconnect with ourselves.

Time is getting short; the deadline to register for Women At Woodstock is October 1, and both retreats are already 75% booked. Reserve your spot today.

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