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The 7 Basic Must-Haves for Training Your Dog

An adorable dog can be a well-trained best friend that you can teach some awesome tricks to. Training is
not for the light of heart since the reward of having a well-behaved dog that does cute things can make
her heart jump with joy and lift your spirits. But, with any type of training, there are some tools that can
help you and them along the way. Remember you are actually training yourself more than you are them.

Book for Training
Books are a great start to give you tips and tricks to teach your dog tricks while giving them tips. They
can also influence what commands you would like to teach them as well as how to go about it in a fun,
healthy and safe manner for them and you.

A high-quality collar is needed for training since they have tags to put their name and your address on in
case they get lost while you are training them. This is so that people are able to report a lost dog when
they find one. Durability is important since you do not want their collar to randomly pop off so maybe
going for one that has some metal-like elements in them would be a good bet. Harnesses are slightly
different to collars because they can give you a bit more control over your dogs while on the leash.

A long leash is a good buy since it allows freedom for your dog to move around while you train them. A
leash that is long enough for them to have freedom and for them to stand by your side.

Treats, Treats
Tasty treats are a great way to reward a dog for a trick well done and to keep their motivation going.

Carry All Bag
Training outside is a great place but you would need a small carry all bag to keep their treats, cleanup
bags, your keys and phone etc. to make your life easier. This does not need to be a separate bag but it
can be space or a small bag that can fit inside your handbag.

A Stick

Any long stick (or a fold-able stick if you are feeling fancy) could be used as a ‘target stick’ to help keep
your dog on track while you walk them as well as to help teach them tricks such as bowing or even a
quick spin.

A great way to let your dog know they are doing what you want is by telling them with a clicker (which makes certain sounds) regardless if they do it on cue or naturally.

Your very own dog can be a lot of fun but a well-behaved and trained dog can be even more fun. But
remember it takes time and with these seven must-have tools it could help shorten the length of
training. Training is not only about tricks but to help you and your dog live in peaceful harmony.

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