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Technology That Boomer Women Will Love

Technology trends will enhance the lives of Boomer women. Smart technology for the house, wearable gadgets for health and more online sources for the mind.

Ten years ago, would you ever have thought that you’d one day be connected to long lost friends from high school, college and beyond—sharing updates and photos of your grandchildren, family weddings, vacations and other celebrations on social media?

The Boomer generation has witnessed the hugely significant impact that advanced technology has had on modern life, from cable TV to YouTube, from rotary phones to smart phones, from record players and cassette tapes to iTunes, and from Kodak cameras and instant Polaroids to digital cameras. After coming this far, one can’t help but wonder: “What’s next?”

In my opinion, there are three technology trends that will play a major part in the lives of Boomer women this coming year:

1. Streaming Online Video

Whether on a smart TV, tablet or mobile phone, the online streaming of movies, TV shows and YouTube clips is increasingly becoming a pastime for the Boomer generation. According to recent Nielsen reports, there was a 75% increase in online video streaming from 2013 to 2014. That number will continue to climb as using online video gets easier than ever, thanks to bigger smartphone screens and tablets designed specifically for the Baby Boomer market. As more aging adults stream their favorite online content, expect to see entertainment networks and YouTube stars create custom content specifically targeted to this age group.

2. Wearable Technology

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know exactly how many steps you’ve walked today, your daily caloric intake, or your current heart rate? Wearable technology refers to any device that can be worn, such as a piece of jewelry or clothing item with technological features. While some statistics report that under 50% of those who have bought wearable technologies last year still wear them, this industry is going to boom in 2015. As health monitoring gets a technology upgrade, and as wearable technology becomes more fashionable and user-friendly, women can purchase beautiful bracelets that keep track of their heart rates or even jackets that regulate body warmth based on changing external temperatures.

3. Smart Home Technology

Whether you live alone or with a partner, keeping a house comfy is a big job. Today, technology can help you monitor your energy usage, maintain your heat and air conditioning usage, and provide additional security, among other household functions. Throughout 2015, you’ll see a number of new announcements from companies such as Nest, Samsung, Phillips and Belkin geared toward making your home a smart home.

As Baby Boomers grow more comfortable with technology and integrate it into their daily lives, companies will be even more motivated to create products that serve their unique needs and expectations. While the examples mentioned above are specific trends where I expect to see advances for this age group next year, I also believe that 2015 will be a year when companies apply a fresh perspective to products aimed at people over 50. Services for Boomers will grow as well, such as personalized senior tech support for all these new devices.

What do you think the big technology trends of 2015 will be? I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to leave comments in the section below.

Andrew Parker

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    I greatly enjoy the computer since I now have a fster speed. As for cell phones, I do not have one as yet. I,m visually handicapped and need a large number screen. I’m still investigating this.

  • Stephanie M

    I totally agree that boomer women will start liking these technologies! My grandmother has recently discovered how to stream videos online through Netflix and Amazon and she loves watching the old shows she used to watch when she was younger.

    • Andrew Parker

      Hey Stephanie!

      Thanks for the comment! My grandmother is the same way. She loves streaming some older movies via Netflix and it’s been a great way for her to enjoy all the things that she’s lived with. Plus, she’s a big fan of all those YouTube oldies channels. You know the ones where have big playlists of old music? She turns those on and lets them run all day. For me, it’s fun to see her learn and enjoy technology and have it be an important part of her life.

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