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Take an Affordable Wine Country Vacation

Vacationing in wine country is a wonderful travel option to get away to a peaceful location while also learning about different wines and food pairings. Napa and Sonoma countries in California are beautiful but now very expensive and rather crowded during peak season. Try these locations instead.
  1. Willamette Valley, Oregon. This region is known for its Pinot Noir. There are more than 200 wineries and wine cellars in the area, and the smaller producers offer the biggest savings. Many bottles here sell for 20% less than they do in places like Napa. The McMinnville Inn and Youngberg Hill Vineyards are great places for lodging.
  2. Finger Lakes, New York. Finger Lakes is the place to go for fantastic white wines, and they specialize in Rieslings. You can tour various wineries that offer tastings for free or at around $3 per person. 10 Fitch is a luxury Bed and Breakfast that many travelers enjoy starting at $225. Even staying at a pricier B&B or inn within this region will cost nearly 40% less than those in California.
  3. Mendoza, Argentina. If you’re looking to travel abroad, choosing a wine vacation in Argentina will save you a lot of money as opposed to going somewhere more traditional such as Bordeaux, France or Italy. Although harvest season in this region does not take place in the fall, many tourists enjoy Mendoza for its signature red wines. The Bohemia Hotel Boutique starts at $90/night, making a wine vacation to Argentina cost about $39% less than it would in Europe.
  4. Walla Walla, Washington. Wall Walla is an ideal choice for a mix of good wine, restaurants, art, and history. There are several family-owned B&Bs, cottages, and inns close to the wineries. The small-scale businesses allow the region to ensure fine quality while keeping prices low.
  5. High Desert Region, Colorado. Just west of the Continental Divide, you can fine several vineyards that offer a unique an intimate setting where you can find a large variety of fine wines. It is much less touristy here and wineries focus on the quality of their product, which is much more affordable than high-profile wine countries.
  6. Loudoun County, Virginia. Loudoun County is a mere 35 miles from Washington D.C. and an accessible choice for wine country travelers. Aside from wine, the area is known for its horses and historic towns, as well as restaurants that specialize in “farm-to-table” dining – which means all their food is locally grown and raised, keeping prices low. It is also home to Washington’s oldest microbrewery if you are interested in trying some finely brewed ales.
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