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Surprising Fashion Shoe Trend – White Sneakers

Here’s a fashion shoe trend women over 50 can love (and a lot of other people, too). White sneakers are a hot trend on the streets of New York and Europe. Here’s what you need to know. white7

1. The sneakers are crisp and clean, in white or off-white, and made of canvas, leather or a combination of both.

2. They look best worn with casual, yet fashionable outfits. (These aren’t shoes you wear for working out or hiking.)

3. Black, white and denim are the colors of the outfits most often paired with white sneakers.

4. No socks are visible, but some ankle or leg usually is. Some of the styles have a loafer look with a rubber sole.

5. Many styles are made of leather and special cleaners or tools are often available.

6. The best part – they are incredibly comfortable, even for women over 50 with problem feet. They are usually very accommodating to bunions, corns and other issues. Some styles have a little elevation in the heel, which can be more comfortable than a totally flat shoe. Almost anyone will enjoy long walks in these shoes.

Sweet, simple, and a brand that supports a great cause.
A great balance between “sporty chic” and casual daywear.
white3Easy Spirit
Features a soft upper that molds to your feet.
Classic Keds make the perfect walking shoe.
Ample padding for comfort and superior shock absorption.
Unlined cotton provides breathable comfort, along with a removable foot bed.
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