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Stumbleupon & Pinterest – You’ll Love Them!

Social media has taken over the internet with Facebook, Twitter, and different types of blogs. Two of our new favorites look like they will be around for awhile – Stumbleupon and Pinterest. *The photo above is a Pinterest board created from images of Sante Fe – one of the thousand subjects you could search for – or create yourself.

STUMBLEUPON: Stumbleupon a great new way to surf the internet. After making an account, you can simply enter what sort of topics you’re interested in – ie: “humor”, “fashion for women over 50”, “European travel” – and any websites related to those searches will pop up. It’s easier and more appealing than a Google search. Some sites or articles are worth reading and some are not, but this website search engine presents you with sites that you may not have “stumbled upon” otherwise. You can also rate the websites it shows you after each search so Stumbleupon can be more accurate with your results going forward. It will weed out sites that you may not be interested in.

PINTEREST: It has a reputation for being even more addicting than Facebook. Pinterest is a virtual pin board (think cork board with push pins) that allows you to post, aka “pin” images to as many different boards as you wish to create. It’s a great way to visually plan out an interior decorating project, organize your favorite recipes online, or just make an online scrapbook of things you enjoy. Posts, or “pins”, can either be plain images or they can be images with a link to a website. For example, if you were to re-pin (re-post) an article you found on ZestNow.com, the main image for that story would come up and you can add a caption below, which will show up on your personal pin board. Then when someone clicks on that image, they will be forwarded to the original article that you read. Pinterest is a great way to share information with others while also collecting articles and images that you like, and it’s a fun way to also connect with other Pinterest users who may have the same interests as you do. You can follow ZestNow on Pinterest by clicking HERE and see examples of our pin boards below.

You can create different boards to organize your interests. Here, you see a few of our boards: Finances, Vintage Photos, Fun/Activities, Second Careers, and Happiness/Inspiration. Create as many boards for as many different categories as you like.

Here’s what happens when you see our “Travel” board. It’s full of images from our various travel-related articles. If one looks interesting to you, you can click on the photo and it will link you directly to the original article. You can do this with any website or article you find online. If it doesn’t have an article, you can always upload or select one yourself so you can save the link to your pin board for future reference.

Pinterest makes it easy to share photos and articles with anyone. If you like something you see that someone else posts, you can click the “REPIN” button to pin it to one of your own boards. Other Pinterest users may also repin images or links that you post up. See the repin button circled below on one of our most popular fashion articles!

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