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My book describes in 6 steps what I call “Boomer Smart” principles on aging. Using the acronym, SMARTS, each chapter covers ideas for the ultimate living with Boomer Power in order to experience all that Boomers deserve. We have worked so hard, we should enjoy our later years with fun, excitement, new adventures, vitality, and living life to the fullest.

We are the huge baby boomer market of 78 million Boomers born between 1946 and 1964. We are the largest and wealthiest demographic in America. Yet, sadly, America is not prepared for this huge shift in the aging of the Boomers and even sadder, most Boomers are not ready either. I hope these principles will help Boomers analyze and enjoy their lives.

SMARTS represents:

S is for SPACE

Our spaces so impact the quality of our present and future living experiences. Learn why this is so and how to evaluate whatever level of change is needed in current or future homes.

M is for MINDSET And A is for ATTITUDE

At almost 60, my husband and I bought a total run-down older home to restore for our now and for our future years. Everyone thought we were soooo crazy but because of our MINDSET AND ATTITUDE on “yes we can do this”, we are now living in our dream, our latest and greatest home, which we love more and more each passing year.

How we process aging is the key factor which determines how we will age…period. Yes, of course life happens to all of us but, what our mindset tells us on any given issue, is absolutely how we will move or not move forward in all of life’s challenges.

R is for ROUTINE

…which is our lifestyle with the goal of achieving wholeness and balance. This is not about a size 8 or working out an hour every day. Our lifestyle ROUTINE will account for 75% of what our future years look like in our health profile. Shocking to most is that genetics is now known to only have a 25% impact on our future years.


Only lives positioned to live in full Boomer Power will value and nourish relationships. Life is relationships including those outside our inner circles, into our communities and beyond. We can make a difference with our influence, experience, knowledge, and gifts. Leaving a legacy is the ultimate gift we can achieve for those we care about. We can give back what life has given to us.


Spirituality means different things to each of us. However, most of us believe in something beyond ourselves. For this Boomer, my faith has led me to my Boomer Power.  At the same time, I acknowledge that certainly all Boomers don’t follow any given path.

I hope reading my book will open the Boomer mind to contemplating arenas of aging most have likely not pondered. My ultimate goal in writing the book is to open the Boomer mind to consider not only what is, but what actually can be.  Boomers can “LIVE THEIR WISDOM” for themselves and those they love.

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