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Sarah Jessica Parker – Now a Fashion Designer?

Who doesn’t love Sarah Jessica Parker? As fans of “Sex and the City,” we followed her shopping, her girlfriend chats and her turbulent relationship with Mr. Big – not to mention those shoes!

Well, Nordstrom has decided that her fashion sense has more potential. They have recently introduced the “SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker” line. We’ve looked it over and there are some interesting ideas, but some issues as well .

First, the shoes – of course. She and Manolo Blahnik collaborated on them, which any Blahnik fan can see by the shapes and proportions of the collection. They’re feminine and pretty, especially as party shoes. The styling and lovely pastel colors are quite beautiful. The pricing, while certainly not inexpensive, is considerably lower than the original Manolo Blanhik line so it’s a good less-costly alternative.

Many women over 50 might find some styles a little difficult to wear with heels at 3 1/2′ high and very pointed toes.
However, the versatile SJP “Iva” Slingback Sandal would be more comfortable with a lower heal at 2 3/4″ and open foot. We don’t love the flip flops and flats as much. They might be designed for a younger audience.

The clutch is a nice, versatile bag. The grosgrain fabric, in particular, is sturdier than the satin that is often used in evening bags. It could work for anything from a black tie event to a nice restaurant lunch. The leather trim and 22 1/2″ strap are well designed and make the bag more useful. It comes in a good selection of colors.

The handbag styling and colors are attractive, especially the leather hobo, but we recommend waiting for some reviews on the quality.

Only one piece of clothing is shown so far. The flared trench coat has a lot of style but there are questions about its construction at this point.

Sarah Jessica Parker turns 49 on March 25th, so it will be interesting to see if moving closer to 50 will influence her fashion sense.


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