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Relationship Success: Get on the Same Team

A heart-warming romance is the essence of a two person team. As individuals, you are survivors but together you are extraordinary. “Talent wins games but teams win championships.” – Michael Jordan. There is no shortage of couples whose relationships are so strong that the couples are famous around the world as power couples or power teammates. Bill (Microsoft Co-Founder) and Melinda Gates are founders of the largest private foundation in the world-The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Barrack and Michelle Obama are lawyers who became the first African American, 44th President and First lady of the United States. Last but not least, the famous Bonnie and Clyde. They were a ride or die couple that were also partners in crime so much so movies were made about them. Below are interviews with couples that talk about what they did to stay teammates.

Protect the family brand or reputation with a united front. David, 45 and Marie, 44, married for 22 years and are both engineers. David said, “Besides having something in common that we are both passionate about, Marie and I are very conscious of our family brand. We like to refer to our professional and personal reputations as a brand because we work as professionals for the same company.

We respect each other and always provide a united front. We do not undermine each other. Nothing is more important or greater than our relationship not even the company. Everyone knows we support and defend each other. It doesn’t mean that no one can come to either of us if they have a problem with one of us but it does mean they better be very careful. We are well aware that the enemy divides and conquers. It helps to be married. Most people admire and respect marriages.”

Faith and commitment sustains us. Tony, 29 (advertising executive) and June, 27 (web designer) married for 8 years. Tony said, “We are a young couple and sometimes we do stupid things and argue. We both need to work on our spending habits. We are just now figuring things out but we know without a shadow of a doubt that we love each other and want to stay together. We made a commitment to each other that we would make this thing work for a lifetime. We don’t solve all our problems and we certainly don’t have all the answers but we believe in something bigger than ourselves- God. We’re not overly religious but we are believers. It gets us through the rough times. We know everything will work out and so we keep it going.”

Personal philosophy is to be dependable. Michael, 65 and Constance, 65 are retired chefs and have been married for 44 years. Constance says, “When I met Michael, we sat down and had a talk about relationship deal breakers. We both felt that being dependable was the number one core value that we both agreed upon. We decided we would be able to depend on each other for support for better or worse and to confess our wrongs to each other even if it hurts. So, not being dependable is a deal breaker in our relationship.”

Michael said, “Even if you got caught in a lie you had to fess up. It may seem odd but nobody’s perfect but when an issue is important, we don’t play each other to the end. We look each other in the eyes and fess up.”

Constance said, “I left Michael one time for two months because he cheated with a neighbor. Everybody knew but me. I was so embarrassed. Even though I left him and took the kids with me, Michael came to my mother’s place every day to see the kids and left money for bills every week for I didn’t ask him because I wasn’t talking to him. Eventually, I forgave him because he came to me with sincerity and confessed everything. He promised to never cheat on me again. No matter what he did, he never left me and the kids high and dry. He made us a priority. As far as I know to this day he has kept his word.”

Michael said, “I have and I am so glad I did. We promised to be there for each other and support each other. I never promised to be honest all the time. I had to learn to do that.”

In conclusion, being teammates lead to relationship success. When you are teammates nothing is greater than the team. The persons interviewed in this article agreed that providing a united front, supporting and defending the relationship, and by believing in something bigger than your selves helps couples stay together through better and for worse.

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