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Purpose Prize Winners Give New Meaning to Their Lives

With decades of energy and passion ahead of them, seven people over 60 have won the 2013 Purpose Prize® for improving their communities and the world.

See what’s possible in the second half of life by learning more about how the 2013 Purpose Prize winners and fellows, all in their encore careers, solve critical problems in education, health care, the environment and more.

Ysabel Duron
When journalist and cancer survivor Ysabel Duron turned the camera on herself, she launched an encore career that shines a spotlight on cancer for Latino communities across the United States.
Carol Fennelly
When impassioned advocate Carol Fennelly realized prison transfers were breaking up families, she launched an encore career that transforms federal prisoners into involved parents.
Elizabeth Huttinger
When international public health expert Elizabeth Huttinger spotted the big idea in a little shrimp, she launched an encore career that could eradicate a disease infecting millions of the world’s…
Violet Little
When Reverend Violet Little answered a higher call to serve Philadelphia’s homeless, she launched an encore career that is redefining just what a “church” is.
Ed Nicholson
When military man Ed Nicholson saw disabled young veterans struggling to remake their lives, he launched an encore career that is healing soldiers through the power of relationships and the great…
Vicki Thomas
Winner of the Purpose Prize for Future Promise, Sponsored by Symetra. When former PR executive Vicki Thomas cold-called two disabled veterans to say she’d fight for them, she launched an encore…
Barbara Young
When Barbara Young courageously transformed herself from immigrant nanny into passionate advocate, she launched an encore career with the power to change the lives of domestic workers across the…

* Courtesy of Encore.com

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