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Planning a 50th Anniversary Party

If you’ve decided to throw a happy couple a 50th anniversary party, put on your party face and get to planning, as this is no small undertaking. The golden anniversary is a feat of love and commitment, and the couple in question deserves a celebration full of fanfare and joy.

Give Yourself Time

If you’re planning to make this a large celebratory affair, you’re going to need plenty of time to pull it off. There’s a lot of work that goes into coordinating a large party, and you’ll need cushion time to make sure you can secure the venue, invite the guests, plan for the food, and secure any entertainment you plan to have.

Selecting the Venue

When attempting to choose a venue, consider the amount of people you have on your guest list in conjunction with places that may hold sentimental meaning for the couple. Perhaps it’s the hall

where they held the reception 50 years ago, or maybe it’s the park where they spent so much time raising their children. Capacity can be of real concern. If you’ll be inviting a large number of guests, you may be forced to rent out a hall—in the end, it’s the people there to celebrate that matter, not the space.


For the Food

Food can take a hefty portion of the budget, so planning ahead and looking at various caterers is definitely in your best interest. Instead of going fancy, think about high-quality food that’s delicious and inexpensive. Comfort food buffets are always a winner, no matter if you’re at a wedding or anniversary shindig, and come at a lower cost. If money is really tight, you can always make the day a potluck affair. Guests wanting to celebrate the couple will have no problem bringing a side or dessert to contribute to the celebrations, and you can spend money on just the entrees, saving you a ton in the end.

The Decorations

If you’re a fan of DIY projects, this is definitely the event you can bust out your creativity. With 50 years of love and memories to draw on, you can incorporate some of the couple’s favorite moments from their life into the décor. In the months and weeks prior to the event, send out emails to the couple’s loved ones, asking them to send in any pictures they may have of the two.

Look at old newspaper archives online to find their wedding announcement if applicable, search through old photo albums at home (or ask their children to do so if you do not have access), and ask friends and family members for their favorite memories of the happy couple. With all of these materials in your arsenal, you can create a timeline of sorts of their relationship. Use laundry pins and string to display all of their wonderful memories across the venue, transfer some of your favorite pictures onto candle votives using a bit of mod podge and some tissue paper, and string up twinkle lights for simple but impactful décor.

When it Comes to Presents

There is a ton to keep in mind while planning a 50th anniversary party, but make sure you don’t forget the gifts. This milestone is one that definitely deserves celebration, and you can show the happy couple how much the example of their strong love has impacted you and your hopes for the future with a wonderful gift. This wonderful shindig alone is a heartfelt gift, but if you’re looking for an item to help share in the joy of the lovebirds, consider getting something one of a kind. Maybe it’s a bottle of celebratory wine; grab a bottle of personalized wine from Etching Expressions for an extra dose of sentimentality. You can have their wedding date and a photo of that happy day emblazoned on the front of the bottle for a memento that they will keep long after the cabernet or pinot has been enjoyed. A personalized canvas from Shutterfly with a photo of them together will hang on their wall with pride, or perhaps customized kitchenware will work for the couple who still loves to get in the kitchen and cook up some culinary concoctions.

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