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6 Ways to Plan a Budget-Friendly Road Trip

If you are interested in a budget-friendly, yet economical way to have a fun-filled vacation, you should consider going on a road trip. The open road in America can lead you to some of the most spectacular sights on the planet. Whether it is the Washington monument, the bayous of Louisiana, or the deserts of the mighty west, a road trip can be the best bang for your buck when looking to travel on a budget. This article will provide women over 50 in search of exciting new adventures with tips and tricks on ways to plan a great, low-cost, road trip.

1. Vacation Goals and Priorities

When planning your road trip, regardless of where you are going, it is important to keep your goals and budget in mind. Knowing your budget, goals and priorities are will help you pack the most punch into your wonderful vacation. For instance, if you want to visit several parks or national grounds, then you may focus on putting your hard-earned money into buying tickets or entry and save by staying at a cheaper hotel and packing lunch. If time is a concern and you are not traveling solo, alternating drivers can keep you on the road for longer periods of time and allow you to skip some hotel stops. Knowing your goals and budget will allow you to focus on what you want to do.

2. Fuel and Gas

Gas is always a consideration and factor. There are several ways to save money on gas for a road trip. One fun way is to invite more people on your trip. This will allow you to split gas money amongst more individuals, which is always helpful. It is also a way to build great memories with friends. Another great way to save gas is by driving moderately. Try avoiding accelerating too quickly and stopping unnecessarily. Keep your speed within legal limits, and if you are towing, make sure your vehicle is towing well within its maximum capacity. In addition, renting or driving a fuel-efficient car and using apps to find the cheapest gas along your trip route will help you save funds for more fun filled activities.

3. Food

Fortunately, there are many ways to save on the cost of food. The easiest and more cost effective method is by cooking for yourself. Packing your own breakfast throughout your trip can save enough money for a room for one night. Now imagine how much packing breakfast and lunch can save. If you prefer freshly cooked food, there are several ways you can achieve that as well. For instance, if you are camping, cooking at an open fire or grill is not only fun, but also a tasty way to save money. If you are lodging at hotels, make sure you plan ahead and book rooms that have kitchens where you can cook meals. Some hotels offer free breakfast and lunch. With a little research and due diligence, finding hotels that offer meals as incentives can be easy.

4. Venues and Attractions

One thing not to forget as you plan is that many venues and attractions offer incentives, discounts and deals to visit their location. While planning your trip, make sure you search for deals and incentives by scouring the web, talking to friends and inquiring with the venues themselves. Many attractions offer discounts for large groups and families, children, students and senior citizens. You can download apps, peruse the web or use social networking sites to help you locate the best prices for the attractions and venues you wish to visit. Another resource is the local tourism office, and don’t forget that many venues, like museums, have days with free admission.

5. Lodging

Finding lodging is easier now with the Internet and apps that provide deals and discounts. You can also use points from membership programs to get free nights at participating locations. In addition, with several drivers along for the ride, sleeping in the vehicle is always an option while others drive to your destination. If you want to camp, planning ahead will allow you to find the road trip 2cheapest, closest and most cost effective sites. Staying with friends and relatives always provides a free alternative to commercial areas and can add loads of fun to your trip. As a last resort, rest stops and gas stations can be used as pit stops for power naps.

6. Saving Through Safety

Most importantly, plan to stay safe. Avoiding accidents and mishaps is the best way to avoid unforeseen expenses and delays. If you are renting a vehicle, opt for insurance so you know you are covered for any incidents. If you are driving your own vehicle, make sure you have maintenance done prior to your trip. This will prevent any possible breakdown and help with gas mileage since your tires will be inflated properly, and any filters are flowing freely. Make sure you dress and pack appropriately so you do not have to buy clothes while you are away. Pack medicine, sunscreen, and bring nutritious food and snacks. Lastly, have your route planned ahead of time with gas, rest, food stops and emergency numbers and locations listed.

Using these tips to plan your next road trip will help you save money and have a fun filled and memorable experience. Planning doesn’t need to take up too much time and it can be a fun activity for women over 50 with a zest for life and love of travel. It can be an enjoyables part of the trip. So have fun and enjoy the open road, wherever it may take you.

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