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New Adult Coloring Books – More Relaxation and Fun

Since we first reported on this adult trend last year, the choices of themes and art styles in the coloring book world have really grown. Coloring in the intricate designs seems to be very effective in relieving stress or boredom, and people report feeling calmer and happier. Choosing colors and organizing them in the art work can be quite satisfying. One surprising new theme: angry statements or swear words to color in the attractive tones of your choice.

We’re guessing this trend was created with women in mind, but it wouldn’t be surprising if there are lots of men who would like a little stress relief.

Take a look at these latest choices and don’t forget to buy the pencils and pens designed to work best for them.

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    Wow! These aren’t the same old coloring books we had as kids! I’m going to have to try this. It’ll be a nice break from the internet.

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