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My Thoughts on Creating My Own Life

Is there really a secret to communicating with the universe? To getting all you desire and living a life of fulfillment? I’ve read The Secret, and books like Thoughts are Things, and Your Invisible Power, and as I apply what I’ve learned, hard as I try, some doors still seem a little bit hard to open. Some are squeaky, some off their hinges, others have loose hardware, or the doorbell doesn’t work. And I’ve been told that if things don’t flow, if doors don’t open easily, you’re probably on the wrong path. Hmm, how and when do you decide that you’ve put in enough time and energy, and you should head back to the trail head and walk in a different direction?

When I was attending the BTB School of Feng Shui years ago, I remember His Holiness Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun, telling us that the universe would listen and provide IF what we were desirous of, or wanting, was in our best interest.

That’s quite a disclaimer, isn’t it? If it’s in our best interest. To me that meant that the universe had already decided what we needed and what we didn’t, and the best we could do is hope that the two of us were on the same page.

This thinking is in direct opposition to our having free will. Designing our own life. Living a life that we map out, that we plan, that we desire. Apparently, plans had already been made for us in advance.

Well, we all know we aren’t really in complete control. That life can make sudden U-turns, take the side roads and sometimes completely derail. But we make our plans anyway. And we pursue a dream that we hold dear. Now don’t get me wrong. I believe in synchronicity and the wonder of how things unfold. How sometimes we just happen to be in the right place at the right time. And I always give the universe or God or whatever or whomever you want to call the “bigger than us” power, credit.

So I have a little problem with some of this type of thinking, the books that offer the solution to our flailing. Besides the fact that they are making a killing off of us, they can also lead us to feel inadequate as we are. That we are not doing it right, that we are not truly invested in our dreams. That we really aren’t communicating correctly with the universe. And if a negative thought enters our mind, we have blown it, completely hung up or created a great disconnect with our all-powerful universe, which leaves us to feel discouraged, powerless and without direction.

I believe we have the power to create the life we desire. That we are the ones we need to communicate with. We shouldn’t get discouraged when things aren’t happening as fast as we like, or in the exact way that we like. We need to believe in ourselves, and trust in the path and direction that we decide to take. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. You’ve heard it many times, “you win some and you lose some.” It’s the yin/yang principal. Balance. It’s the way life works. But I don’t think we should feel guilty, or feel as if we didn’t quite understand how The Secret works, and that we must have done something wrong, or that thoughts become things and we thought a few negative things along the way, and it all fell apart!

Can we really depend on the universe to pay so much attention to us when at present, there are somewhere around 7.2 BILLION people in the world? I’m thinking that’s a pretty crowed party line. But don’t get discouraged. Go ahead and set your intentions, which are simply that magical combination of will, motivation and desire. Talk to yourself, listen to yourself, know what you want and go for it, trusting that you get to decide the life that is in your best interest.

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