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Medical Transcription Service: What You Need to Know

Need someone to make sense of your professional medical notes? Don’t have the time to type up your observations into medical reports? That’s when medical transcription services come in handy. Hospitals, clinics and private practices all benefit from relying on the services of medical transcription teams to take care of their documentation needs.

Hospitals and Clinics

Based on statistics from Quora, the typical relationship between transcriptionists and clients are dictated by one thing: the absence of an in-house transcription team. For hospitals and clinics that might only seek out transcription services to supplement their existing in-house solution, the relationship is sporadic at best. When their own team cannot handle the excess work, or when something urgent comes up and their team are unable to provide services at the moment, that’s when the work is sent out to a medical transcription service provider. For transcriptionists, this situation isn’t ideal since the irregular nature of the work makes it difficult for them to establish a thriving career as a medical transcriptionist.

Private Practices

For private practices, an in-house solution isn’t ideal. The business is typically small and hiring along with employment costs associated with an in-house transcription service far outweigh the convenience of the arrangement. Without access to an in-house team, these businesses typically strike up relationships with medical transcription service providers for the long-term. This provides the medical transcription company and personnel with steady, long-term work, and typically results into an active service relationship.

Reasons to Hire a Medical Transcription Service

Here are some of the benefits to hiring a professional medical transcription service:

1. More Time. Since you no longer have to transcribe the notes yourself, you get more time that you can spend at home or on talking with more patients, having more one-on-one sessions.

2. Better Accuracy. Since you have someone else proofreading the materials and with several Quality Assurance checks, you can be sure your notes are free of any errors in typos, word choice or spelling. It’s a small thing but details like that count. In medical transcription, a single mistake could have serious consequences for a patient. A wrong diagnosis or misplaced word could create problems where they shouldn’t be. That’s why seeing that level of care and attention to your reports means they get the job done.

3. Cost-effective. An in-house solution isn’t always the best choice. By outsourcing the work, you can enjoy a lot of cost savings by eliminating the hiring, training and employment expenses associated with managing an in-house team.

Qualities to Look For

Whether you’re looking to hire a transcription service for long-term or short-term projects, here are a few qualities that characterize medical transcription companies like Eyered Transcription out there.

Based on Top Ten Reviews and Chron, make sure to check for these before you sign up for a service.

HIPAA Compliance. Are they HIPAA compliant? When it comes to healthcare documentation standards, you can’t compromise on the essentials. If they cannot provide proof that the business is certified, go elsewhere.

Quality. Is the staff trained properly? Does the work exhibit 100 percent accuracy? As a business, your credibility lies in the quality of the services you deliver to your patients. By providing you with high quality output, transcription companies help you build trust with your clients. That’s the kind of assistance that makes a big difference in your results.

Compatibility. Already have an electronic filing system in place? Make sure the company you hire can process your dictation and deliver the files you need in the format you need them in. This will make it easier for you to enter the new data into your system. That or you could ask the transcription company to upload it into your filing system. That way, you no longer have to enter the data into your system.

Delivery time. Check for delivery times. Some provide a 24-turn around time, which is often crucial for pathology as well as radiology departments. Some offer delivery schedules of 4-6 hours while others have a 12-hour delivery. Be prepared to pay extra if you go for the faster service, though. For everything else, the 24-hour delivery of your transcribed dictation, observation, patient notes and more, can suffice.

Security. One cannot overstate the importance of ensuring the safety and privacy of your information. So make sure you choose a service that satisfies that. Check what their encryption methods they have and what policies they have in place to ensure the safekeeping of the data you send them.

Pricing. While slashing costs can be attractive, choosing a transcription service solely because it offers the lowest rates in the market might fail to work to your advantage. Low cost transcription teams might provide under-powered performance, or worse, be a let-down in terms of long-term quality or delivery. Instead, go for transcription rates that seem reasonable.

These are just some of the most important qualities to look for when you finally choose a transcription service to work with for your medical professional needs.

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  • Bernard Clyde

    It’s good to know that medical transcription services can help open up more time for you to focus on other work in your business. It’s important to consider how having this kind of work load moved somewhere else will be able to improve you and your employees morale by increasing productivity. When employees know that things are running efficiently in the business, it can be encouraging to them as they feel like they are making more of an impact.

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