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Makeup for Women Over 50: Beautiful Skin

Makeup Artist: Sajata Robinson

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    Hello – loved the article. What i\are the best colors for brown eyes ? Is there instruction on which color goes where?

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      Hello Pam, lucky you with beautiful brown eyes! On the color wheel brown is neutral in color…to some degree all colors complement brown. Select 2-3 eyeshadows which add height, depth, transitional shades between shadows and shape to your eyes. Highlighters/height of ivory, yellow, peach, pink and gold in different levels of intensity depending on your skin tone (Fair to Deep) are generally placed at the inner corners of the eyes and directly below eyebrows. Transitional shade e.g., red browns, taupe, plum and mauve in various intensities to fit your skin tone are blended onto and slightly above the crease. Add depth with earthy tones of medium – dark browns, wine, aubergine and gray for a softer smokey look. Apply these shades to the center of the lid blending towards the outer corners and up towards crease with a fluffy brush. Eyeliner and mascara both in the color black or dark brown will always add shape to brown eyes.

      Instructions on how to apply makeup for brown eyes Google and YouTube are wonderful tools for step by step tutorials.

      Hopefully my comments will help achieve your desired look!

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    Sajata Robinson

    Unfortunately only now I read your comment. I want to “Thank you” ever so much for your lovely compliment in regards to my article.
    My best, Sajata

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    Julie Evans

    Hi Sajata,

    I have quite bad hooded eyelids, I stopped wearing eye makeup because it just looked awful. I am 53. Is there anything I can do so I can have nice eyes again ?



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    Linda Wilkes

    I could not find on the website, but I am interested on the name of the neutral eye palette you used in the make-up video. Thank you. I enjoyed your videos on make-up for mature women. Very practical and the model is beautiful…..before and after. Great natural look !

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      Sajata Robinson

      Unfortunately, only now I read your post. I want to “Thank you” ever so much for your wonderful compliment!
      Best, Sajata

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