My grandson says he wants to be like me. He does not know that I want to be like him." /> 1973039889479891
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Lessons from a Grandchild, An Incredible Gift

Life can bestow such incredible gifts. Like grandchildren.

I am in love.

My grandson called me yesterday. “Hi Grandma. I haven’t heard from you in a while so I thought I would call and check on you.” Wow! “I miss you so very, very much, Grandma. I think about you all the time. I even dream about you. I can even see your face in my mind”. Wow again!

Six years old, my grandson is brilliant and beautiful and loving and incredibly charming and full of energy and excitement. This child is amazing, and he is part of me, has my blood flowing in his veins. What a legacy to leave — another generation of life, another answer to the pain and suffering in the world.

At six years old, this young mind is so full of promise; he can become whatever in the world he wants. A few months ago, it was a doctor, then an astronaut, then a deep sea diver. At six years old, however, he also believes what he is told about himself. And I pray (though experience tells me otherwise) that what he is told will not conflict with and interfere with what he knows intuitively about himself – that he is a unique expression of God in the earth. That he has come from God and carries God within himself; that he is all that God is. That he is infinite possibility.

The older we grow, the more prone we are to forget this. Or more accurately, the more the voices and experiences around us drown out the voice and experience of God within us and we find ourselves limited only to what we believe we can be and do.

Thankfully, however, another incredible gift we have been given is that of re-membering and re-minding. We have the ability to re-member and re-mind ourselves of who really are. To re-member this is to intentionally reassemble from the scattered places in our hearts and brains, who we were before we became indoctrinated (however lovingly) into who we think we are.

To mind (verb) is to attend to, be conscious of, take care of. When we re-mind ourselves of who we really are, we focus our attention once again on our true nature. And we take care of, nurture this knowing, until it again becomes our continuous conscious reality. Until we know that we, no matter our age or station in life, are infinite possibility. And that we can become whatever we want.

“Yeah, sure”, you say doubtfully. “What if I want to be a prima ballerina”?

Do you want to be a prima ballerina?

“Well, no, but what if I wanted to be one. I am 50 years old. I can’t be a prima ballerina”.

Well, that’s no problem, since you don’t want to be one. You can be whatever you WANT to be.

Why do we argue that we cannot be whatever we want because there are things we cannot be? And why do we focus on what we cannot be when that’s not what we want to be anyway? Human nature? Hmmm… Perhaps if we acted from our God nature, we would know for sure that we are infinite possibility and whatever we desire in alignment with our purpose, we can fulfill.

The issue is that we have forty-five (or however many) years of human voices and experiences filling our minds with our limitations.

It is time to re-mind ourselves about who we really are. And here’s the key. Re-minding is not a one-time activity. We have many, many years of thinking to undo. Those limiting beliefs will return again and again; that’s what they have been trained to do. We must act just as tenaciously in replacing them with affirmations of our true nature — over and over again, thought by thought. If we give up on this, we resign ourselves to life within the realm of our illusions, our limitations.

For some people that’s okay. Frankly, God gives you permission to do just that if that is your desire.

As for me, there are certainly times when I give in to the illusions of my limitations. There are moments when I forget who I am. Before, it would take me years or months or weeks to recover from these lapses. But now, I am happy to report, within a day or two I re-member who I am, take a deep breath and begin living infinite possibility again.

My grandson says he wants to be like me; he wants to go to college and be very smart. He does not know that I want to be like him — intuitively knowing with absolute certainty that I am infinite possibility and I can be whatever I want. And like him, I want to continuously live my life from this position of divine wonder. What a journey!

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