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Katie Couric – Beautiful New Bride at 57

We love stories about romance and love in later years. Brides over 50 are even better.

Katie Couric is new at being a bride, but we feel we’ve known here for years – sometimes she’s greeted us in the morning on the Today Show and sometimes delivered the news at night on CBS or ABC News. More recently, she’s with us online on Yahoo.com.

She has had an enormous career, raised her kids and lived as a widow doing all of that. Her first husband died in 1998 of colon cancer and you’ve probably seen her helpful crusade for colonoscopy. The New York Presbyterian Hospital created the Jay Nonahan Center for Gastrointestinal Health in honor of him.

John Molner, a 51-year-old investment banker, was introduced by a mutual friend who thought the timing and the guy might be right. (Yes, John is 6 years younger.)

Katie’s new husband oversees mergers and acquisitions, and is the divorced father of two. He is reported to have been a fan of hers for years and fell in love immediately upon meeting her.

He proposed on East Hampton Beach, near her house, on Labor Day Weekend in 2013.

How to arrange the wedding details? After 50, people tend to look at wedding plans a little differently.

The groom handled a lot of the planning. “I call him groomzilla,” Couric joked. “I’m so busy and he’s great. He’s a finance guy and he is methodical and get things done. I said, ‘Do it! Do your thing!’ And I have been involved—I met with the people for the music and picked some songs I want, strings playing guitar, violin, cello. I was involved with the invitations and all of that. I have been doing “something.'”

It was a small intimate family ceremony. A family friend, who is a Universal Life Minster, officiated. Readings and music were performed by her two daughters, Ellie, 22 and Carrie, 18. The groom’s nieces and nephews were flower girls and ring bearers.

She wore an ivory embroidered lace dress by Carmen Marc Valvo, which was long and sleeveless. Her arms were tan and toned. (Arms like that don’t come easily!)

Her girlfriends wore hot pink to show their support and connection. (I love that touch – could be a new tradition for older brides!)

They plan the big celebration party for September.

Her tweet the Monday after: “Thank you to all my wonderful friends sharing in my happiness! I (I mean we!) appreciate the warm wishes, love & support you’ve sent our way.”

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