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Is the Easter Card Making a Comeback?

If you’re thinking about how you will mark Easter this year, there is a long-forgotten tradition that could finally be making a comeback. The giving of cards at Easter started to wane in popularity when the Internet first rose to prominence. However, it seems a growing number of people are embracing the personal, heartfelt message that can be delivered with an Easter card.

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The giving of Easter cards was 19th century tradition

The tradition of sending Easter greetings in this way was established towards the end of the 19th century. Postcards were sent widely throughout Germany and Austria at first, where local post offices would bend them in half in order to separate the address from the Easter greeting.

Although the tradition of sending Easter cards spread throughout Europe during the first half of the 20th century, it gradually declined as the festival became more and more commercialized. And when digital forms of communication started to become dominant, the tradition almost vanished from society completely.

A variety of Easter cards for every taste

Thankfully, a growing number of people are realizing the unique benefits involved in the giving and receiving of a card at Easter. Whereas Christmas cards have become increasingly commercialised over the years, Easter cards have remained relatively religious in nature. Depicting scenes from Jesus’ resurrection, they mark the most spiritual Christian festival of the year with respect and dignity.

Thanks to the growing popularity of Easter cards, the selection now available is extensive. There are cards specifically for kids, which portray cartoon characters, Easter bunnies and a large selection of fun and frivolous Easter scenes. For the traditionalists, Churches, images of Jesus and religious congregations can send the right message.

Personalize your Easter cards

If you want to make an extra special effort with your Easter message this year, why not customise an Easter card with an original message? A printing specialist can take a message written by you, or even a photo, and use it as the basis for your Easter greeting. You’ll get the chance to personalise the colour scheme, and select from a range of options, including the texture and dimensions of your card.

A recent survey commissioned by Royal Mail revealed that 80 percent of respondents would rather receive a traditional greetings card at Easter and Christmas than a digital version. There is something very personal and heartfelt about receiving a real card through the postal service just days before a big celebration, which is why more and more people are choosing the traditional approach to sending greetings cards. If you want to send your card through the mail, you will need to pay particular attention to the envelopes you use.

Although the Easter card you send will contain the personal message you want to get across, the envelope that protects it will be the first thing the recipient sees. You should therefore spend some time and effort choosing one that makes a great first impression. There are textured and coloured envelopes of all shapes and sizes to choose from these days, and you can also have slogans, personal messages and images printed on the front of them.

Easter cards are once again being used to send messages of goodwill and love during this hugely important Christian festival. You can make sure your message leaves a listing impression this year by taking the time to create something truly unique.

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