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A Banana in the Book Drop or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Life holds plenty of surprises, especially when you work at a public library. Last week, for instance, we found a banana in the book drop.  Naturally, I logged onto my favorite librarian Facebook group to share the news.

The first response?

Curious George strikes again!


We once found a melted banana split in ours.

After which my fellow librarians began posting about the items they’d found over the years in their own book drops:

A full diaper. 

A dead rabbit. 

An empty wine bottle.      

A used condom. 

We found underpants in ours yesterday. At least they were clean. 

A banana was beginning to sound like a relatively delightful book find. Reports of more discoveries poured in:     

A slice of bacon. 

A cell phone.

An empty soda can. 

A live lobster.

A laptop.  

An ice cream sandwich. Thankfully it was winter, so it hadn’t melted. 

A coffee maker. People be crazy. 

As the comments continued, I began to wonder. Was there anything that HADN’T been left in a library book drop?

A dead fish. 

A live chicken!  

A small tub of unopened cottage cheese. 

A cat.

A bra.  

A dirty love letter! (And yes, we all read it.)

In my own workplace, a lit joint in the book drop is not unheard of.

As librarians warmed to the topic, book drop discoveries came in fast and furious:

A frog!  

Pancake syrup. 

A lizard. 

An unopened box of sanitary pads. 

An open box of Bisquick.

A full bottle of Jim Beam. 

A bag of grapes.

A carton of eggs. 

One of my co-workers used to get gifts in the book drop from a secret admirer.

Think that working in a library is all sunshine and roses? Contemplate these book drop finds and think again:

A dead bird in a shoe box with a note threatening the life of our library mascot, a Cockatiel.  

Seventeen snakes. 

A finger. Yes, an actual finger. We never found out whose. And it was my first week on the job.  

Gravel. And ground beef. We thought somebody had been murdered. We had to throw every book in the drop away. 

A severed foot. Thankfully, plastic. Obviously someone’s idea of a joke.  

Library patrons can be mysterious:

We once found a wrapped Subway sandwich in the book drop. Later that week, we also found one on the shelves. Weird. 

Nothing odd in our book drop yet. But someone once put a hot dog in our suggestion box. 

Somebody just left a deer head on our roof. 

Last week somebody removed a garden gnome from a nearby house and put it in our book drop.

Some folks just don’t deserve a book drop:

My library got rid of our book drop the second time it was set on fire.

Some idiot poured gasoline in ours. Now we have security cameras.   

Our book drop was destroyed. We don’t know who did it, but we came to work one morning to find that somebody had beat the living hell out of it.

We removed the book drop from our middle school library after the first wad of gum was deposited.  Now the kids have to return books in the drop slot at the circ desk. #nasty #notpaidenough #peoplecanbegross. 

Finally? Librarians would like to remind you that Real Patriots don’t include the library book drop in their celebration of our nation’s birth:

If we don’t close our drop over July 4th weekend, people put fire crackers in it.   

Library life is full of discovery. And when it comes to the book drop, it seems, anything is possible! Which is why I’m hoping that the next time I open ours, I’ll find it packed with hundred dollar bills. Or Oreo cookies. I’d even settle for that lit joint.

A librarian can dream, can’t she?

Rosalind Warren is the author of Our Bodies, Our Shelves, A Collection Of Library Humor.  
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  • Avatar

    Rena mcDaniel

    All I can say is WOW! People are crazy! I used to work at the IRS you should have seen some of the stuff we received!

  • Avatar

    Linda Roy

    This is hilarious, gross and you know…I never considered that people would drop such a vast array of oddities into a library book drop. But I wish I could drop a fun reward in one to thank the librarians for putting up with all the shenanigans. Maybe even to liven up the “joint”. 😉

  • Avatar

    Lisa at Grandma's Briefs

    Most of that is disgusting… or weird. Cheers to you all finding happier (and healthier) things more often in the drop box!

  • Avatar


    17 Snakes! That would put me from ever venturing near the book drop again. If I remember correctly, wasn’t Dewey the library cat found in a book drop one winter?

  • Avatar

    Cheryl Nicholl

    So interesting! I’d never thought about the library book drop as a place that would be used inappropriately. I just LOVE the idea that someone was leaving love letters to a person who worked at a branch library. How mysterious!

  • Avatar

    Cathy Chester

    Except for the cat (I can’t laugh about that!) the rest is believable. People are so strange. I think you need a video camera outside the box to catch people on tape! 🙂

  • Avatar

    Cathy Chester

    People are so strange, and except for the cat (grr)……the rest is believable. Someone should place a video camera somewhere to catch these people on tape. Their mailbox is available too! 🙂

  • Avatar


    I had no idea that library book drops were such interesting and intriguing places. Kind of scary, actually. Pretty funny stuff!!

  • Avatar


    I just printed this to hang in our staff room (public library). Everyone will get a kick out of it. We like knowing we are not alone.

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