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iPhone Apps for You

See the whole list at http://www.apple.com/iphone/apps-for-iphone/
A huge number of choices, whether it’s games or music. If you want a savings APPS or a specific one useful to you, it’s easier to find the name first at the directory on your computer. Then go to the APPS icon on your phone screen, use the search button to find the one you want and download it to your phone.

Here are some useful applications:

  • Skype: Call anywhere in the world for free or very cheap from your iPhone. Make up for the cost of the phone. Now Skype can be used over Wi-Fi or 3G, meaning you can save a lot of minutes by making calls via Skype. Cost: Free
  • ATM Hunter: How often do you look for an ATM that isn’t going to charge a fee? This one finds them in your location. Cost: Free
  • RedLaser: Scan any bar code and it uses Google Product Search and TheFind.com to locate the best price. Often the retailer will lower the price confronted with evidence of better prices close by. Cost: $1.99
  • iXpenseIt: Manage the receipts you need by punching in information or taking photos. It stores them digitally. Cost: Free for Lite (200 receipts), $4.99 for no limit
  • Valpak Local Coupons: Those envelopes arrive with all those coupons but who has it with you when you can actually use it. Coupons show on your phone. Cost: Free
  • Yard Sale Mapper: It takes the listings from Craig’s List for garage sales, tag sales etc and plots them on a Google map of you to find easily. Cost: Free
  • Coupon Sherpa: Lots of coupons for shopping on the internet or the old fashioned way by showing them on your phone to the clerk. Cost: Free
  • MobiQpons: Coupons for nearby stores, restaurants, and services appear – oil changes, paint, clothes, food, and more. Just display the coupon on your phone’s screen for your discount. Cost: Free
  • Consumer Reports: Helps you make informed shopping decisions on the go, it offers trustworthy tips, blog posts, video reports, product reviews on cars, baby products, home appliances, electronics, and just about anything else you’re thinking of buying. Cost: Free
  • Local Reuse: Connects individuals and organizations that want to donate (or receive) used but still usable items, at no cost to either party. Cost: Free
  • Yowza!!: Merchants offer coupons and promotions exclusively for Yowza!! users. Deals show on your phone based on your current location or any zip code. Show the clerks at Saks Fifth Avenue, Pier 1 Imports, and many, many other stores. they scan the coupon barcode on your phone. Cost: Free
  • Gas Buddy: It tracks prices at gas stations wherever you may be driving in the U.S. Gives directions to a station with cheaper prices. Cost: $2.99
  • Cellfire: Gives mobile coupons that can be used at more than a dozen major supermarket chains, over 4000 stores. The clerk will scan your phone screen at checkout. Cost: Free
  • Save Benjis: Instant price comparisons on books, DVDs, electronics, toys, tools etc. It retrieves coupons when they’re available. Cost: 99¢
  • Amazon Mobile: Prices and customer reviews. Browse for similar items too. Cost: Free

What APPS do you like? Which do you hate? Share your comments below.

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