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I See You Made an Effort – Wicked Funny Book After 50

Annabelle Gurwitch, author of I See You Made an Effort, captures those comments and moments after 50 when it’s better to laugh. After moving from the South to New York and then Los Angeles, she had a number of roles in movies and television but did not find stardom. You may remember her as the original hostess of TBS’s Dinner and a Movie.

She began to realize her real talent was her twisted and funny view of life, and began writing Fired!: Tales of the Canned, Canceled, Downsized, & DismissedafterWoody Allen fired her from his Broadway flop. Fired! was written with other contributors, including her friend Bill Maher. It became a theatrical piece, a book and a documentary. That shows some perspective – a satisfying revenge as well.

Her book on marriage written with her husband, Jeff Kahn, followed: You say Tomato – I Say Shut Up. She explains thatin marriage all you need is love – and a healthy dose of complaining, codependence and pinot noir.”

In her thoughts on being over 50, Annabelle says that there are now many things she can’t get away with anymore. However, she could become a criminal, “because as a woman over 50 in L.A., I’m invisible.”

She calls this time of life the “Eileen Fischer years”, with swaths “of material gently cascading over the area where your waistline once was.” To combat all of that body slippage she writes, “I’ve had things injected in my face that I wouldn’t clean my house with. I’ve filled, froze and ultrasounded, all in the name of what is often referred to as ‘maintenance'”.

But she also knows some of life’s events don’t require laughing, but persecutive and acceptance. She discusses moving her parents from their home, a good friend dying of cancer, and helping her mother through a mastectomy. That’s life, too.

All in all, she feely is stilll in all,” l am fifty”, not some other age. Just remember to smile, but not too much – “too many wrinkles.”

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