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How to Have a Worry-Free Vacation

You know you need vacations. Research proves that vacations are important for the quality of both your personal and work life. A 2014 survey conducted by Oxford Economics found that nearly 40 percent of workers “feel more productive and better about their job” after taking paid time off. More than 50 percent of employees feel more “rested, rejuvenated and reconnected to their personal life” when returning from vacation.

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However family responsibilities can interfere. The growing aging population in the US means more adults provide care for their aging loved ones as well as their own children. This group, “the sandwich generation”, now accounts for 47 percent of U.S. adults according to a recent Pew Research study. The around-the-clock job of caring for two generations can be exhausting. A vacation is the perfect refresh; however, recent data shows that 66 percent of people do not use all of their vacation days.

Worry about leaving an aging parent at home often prevents sandwich generation people, from taking real vacations. They are especially worried about emergencies. However, with proper planning and a little help from technology, they can take a much-deserved and stress-free vacation.

Take the Stress out of Vacation Planning

Vacation planning can take months of research and booking. You must also be ready to be flexible once you are on the trip depending on weather, emergencies or missed flights. The added stress of planning is not something that members of the sandwich generation can easily handle on top of their normal everyday stressors.

One way to avoid this is to book an all-inclusive and planned vacation like a cruise or a guided tour. While these types of vacations may seem like dated concepts, newer companies like Trafalgar and Adventures by The Clymb are revitalizing the space by providing more immersive and active tours. Hiking and other active excursions in fascinating places provide a revitalizing break from daily life. Planned tours of romantic locations are also an easy and attractive alternative to traditional travel planning methods. Cruising is another great option for a relaxed, arranged vacation style. All the planning is handled for you, allowing time to relax and focus on family before you even leave.

By booking with one of these types of organized vacations you not only eliminate the hassle of booking the trip beforehand, but you also can fully enjoy and experience the vacation once you are there. Almost all of the arrangements on the vacation have been taken care of for you.

Have Peace of Mind About Aging Parents Back Home

Even after taking the stress out of vacation planning, many people in the sandwich generation may still feel unable to fully relax when they’re on a vacation because they are concerned about the safety and well-being of their aging loved one back home and justifiably so. The CDC reported that one out of three seniors suffers a fall each year.

There are options such as in-home care and retirement homes, but those can often be costly and stifle independence. Another option that could prove invaluable in minimizing physical harm is a medical alert device or home monitoring solution for you or your loved one. While they don’t prevent falls, they can reduce risk of serious injury by enabling the injured person to receive medical attention as quickly as possible.

Companies like Bay Alarm Medical provide medical alert devices that summon emergency services instantly with the touch of a button in case of a fall or other in-home accidents. Bay Alarm Medical has options for both traditional in-home systems as well as a mobile option that can provide service to seniors outside of the home.

These devices not only provide safety for the owner, but also give peace of mind for family members knowing that their loved one will have 24/7 medical help available to them. This will better enable sandwich generationers to take, and actually enjoy, a vacation.

As summer approaches, there is no better time to take the vacation you’ve wanted. By letting a tour or cruise company take care of the planning for you and investing in a medical alert device for your loved one to ensure their safety while you’re away, a stress-and-worry-free experience takes care of excuses not to get away. So, why wait? Take the vacation you know you deserve.

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