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How to Do Makeup for Women Past 50: Part III

Makeup artist: Sajata Robinson  Interviewer: Dianne Morris

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    Lyn Norris

    Thank you for your tutorial and comments about shimmer and liquid liner. I am almost 60 (in Sept.) and it is hard to find a tutorial that focuses on my age group without looking like a clown afterwards. I have similar features of the model that you used but I have dark brown hair and hazel eyes (brown with green flecks), fair and oily skin. I cannot find the product list that you used on her. I do use FAB triple duty eye concealer and am pleased. Also, my eyes are deep set. I have been told through the years to use purple family eye shadows but they seem to bring out undereye circles now. I would like a finished look fresh like the one above that brings out my features in a lovely way for my coloring…shadow, blush, and lipstick suggestions much appreciated!

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      Sajata Robinson

      Dear Lyn,
      Thanks ever so much for taking time to view my makeup tutorial, and read the article on shimmer and liquid eyeliner. The following makeup products is an update to help you achieve the fresh finished look you so desire.
      In the past you have been told to wear eye shadows in the purple family? shades of purple eye shadows are fun when we are young. Later in years our eye contours change, we begin to see darker circles, puffiness, etc. Brighten and enhance your hazels eyes with shades of cinnamon brown, burlap brown/neutral and soft grays. (Kat Von D, shade, Light Eye Contour Palette) Use a very pale pink or almond eye shadow to highlight and green pencil in the water line only to enhance the green flecks in your eyes! Make your eyes pop! – Line upper eyelids close to the base of your eyelashes try (Stilla – all day waterproof liquid liner) it’s easy to use too! Apply a primer to control oily skin, before foundation. (Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer) For Blusher (NARS, Madly – seashell pink) There are several wonderful lipstick brands CHANEL, LANCOME, NARS…! “NARS has some lipsticks with magnetic caps “I love this idea!” – Think lipstick shades of peachy-pink. Also important is the lip liner (Makeup Forever Aqua liner) has staying power “I love this product too!” Use it with any lipstick of your choice!

      All the very best on achieving your new fresh look! “Remember 60, is the new 40!” …So come September, enjoy your 60th B-Day the whole year through! 🙂

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