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Good Lighting Lightens Your Life After 50

The phrase “lighten up” to us fifty plusers means more to me than taking a chill pill. Anyone who has worked with me or taken my classes knows without a doubt that I want to lighten up all spaces with appropriate lighting…for all ages…for baby boomers and those before and those after this age demographic.

The main title photo of a bathroom is a good example of what works. The same amount of lighting can be utilized in all bathrooms not just barrier free baths.

There are three sources of lighting shown:
1  General lighting in  3 cans in the ceiling
2.  Task lighting in very bright lighting with wall fixture over the vanity.
3.  Task lighting in shower light.

In any bathroom LED strip lighting can be installed very inexpensively under vanity toe kick space to stay on permanently for ease of night time bathroom visits or in many cases where no windows provide any day light.

No space is safe from being attacked in this battle on aging in America because inadequate lighting is responsible for:

  • Falls!!! Falls can change life forever and the majority of life-changing falls are not accidents — they could have been prevented. Not all falls are due to poor lighting but thousands are. Because falls are so life-changing, expensive and painful, we will be helping each other with tips on how to help us all be safer and more conscious of our habits. But for this blog, it is adequate lighting that is absolutely a necessity for our safety. No one can argue this statement, but I welcome them to try.
  • Stress and strain on the eyes causing headaches, fatigue, lower productivity (mistakes made by not seeing clearing), and even moodiness due to yucky lighting…yuck!
  • Accurate color perception. Nothing destroys a beautifully designed space more than inadequate or inappropriate lighting.

Plus tons of other design principles that are compromised by poor lighting. Being over fifty means we need twice the lighting just to function as we needed when we were in our twenties. Do your spaces meet these additional lighting needs? And many of us over are definitely past fifty years old so we need even more lighting every year!

Of course all of the aesthetic properties of proper lighting on our spaces just cannot be stated emphatically enough.

My passion for intentional interior design would have to include beautiful, adequate, and technically appropriate lighting design. But sadly, even today, lighting so often gets a back seat to being a design priority. Lighting is often not only a “back seat priority”, but a “way back in the cargo space” after thought — but still needed like the spare tire.

So as we all are aging better and smarter in America, let’s lighten up our individual spaces where we live and work. Our individual worlds will be brighter because we did…you’ll see.

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