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Going It Alone – 4 Suggestions for Solo Travel

Traveling solo in your 50s is an enriching experience. You’re already taking life in your stride, and it’s time to just sit back and enjoy the experiences. Europe offers a broad panorama of places you can visit to learn even more about the world and to reflect while making the most of the locations to relax. Here are some possible tours you could go on or locations you could visit and get the best out of Europe.

A tour of Andalusia

Interesting and somewhat, a tour of Andalusia will introduce modern Spain to you while, at the same time, showcasing elements of its Moorish past. In Malaga city centre you can go upmarket and browse designer stores such as Adolfo Domínguez and high-brow department stores like El Corte Inglés.

Move on to Granada and you can see the outstanding architectural remains of Spain’s Moorish past, in the form of the Alhambra. This former Moorish part palace part fort has enchanted visitors from the world over with its intricate architecture and famous sections such as the Patio de los Leones (Courtyard of the Lions) and its glistening fountain.

A river cruise in Holland

Nothing quite fills you with a love of life and an appreciation of scenic beauty quite like a river cruise in Holland. What can be better than stepping off a cruise liner on a river in the capital, Amsterdam, solo1and going on to see a Rembrandt at the famous Rijksmuseum, or continuing by boat to see the Skinny Bridge, or the “Magerer Brug”, in Dutch. According to legend, two sisters who lived on opposite sides of the Amstel river had the bridge built so that they could visit each other.

Seeing Portugal by train

Looking through the window and gazing upon the scenery from the train is often a moment for a contemplation. You can do this on a journey around Portugal when you take the train through the High Douro Valley, a region which boasts three UNESCO World Heritage sites. A river cruise down the Douro river itself will also offer the same opportunities for contemplation, and if you book the right holiday package you can do both! A trip to the Douro region will gift you with the opportunity – well, plenty of opportunities, actually – to try some of the local wines and spirits, such as the region’s famous Port.

An island tour in Croatia

As well as home to the charming walled city of Dubrovnik, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site (and an unofficially required part of any visit to Croatia!), you can visit the mesmerising islands of solo2Croatia. Two in particular are Korčula and Brac. You can go on a guided tour of Korčula and explore the Korčula Old Town, as well as call in at the Korčula Museum and learn about the history of the island throughout the ages. You might have to go through the Revelin Tower first, though, to gain entrance to the old city! Meanwhile, in Brac you’ll see lots of architecture in the form of its churches. If you want to take a boat out, this is possible, so you can enjoy Brac from the water.

Europe is an ideal continent to take a solo trip. You’ll come back refreshed, inspired and with a desire to travel even more. Who knows? You might even set your sights further afield next time.

By, Samantha Young – Samantha is passionate writer and traveler who loves to discover new things and experience different cultures. For this reason, she sets aside ample time and monetary resources to visit tourist attractions that are known for their diversity. Now she brings you captivating articles about travel and leisure.

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