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Fun Summer Staycation Ideas for Your Family

Budgets and other responsibilities can make the summer vacations of old seem like an antiquated impossibility. When taking a summer vacation is too hard on the budget, why not consider a fun staycation in the comfort of your own town? Traveling can be exhausting, and if you’re carting around a pack of little ones, it can feel like a downright punishment. Besides, staycations mean no travel time which leads to more quality time spent together.

A Trip Under the Sea

You might not be able (or willing) to take your entire family on a tropical cruise, but you can spend some of your summer days exploring the ocean’s floor with a fun trip to a local aquarium. Not only does this offer a refreshing way to get out of the heat, but it’s also the perfect learning experience for your kids during those idle summer months.

A Tourist in Your Own Town

You’ve likely heard the funny anecdotes of New Yorkers who have never been to the Statue of Liberty, despite having lived in the Big Apple since birth. The same is often true for us; we don’t realize how many events and venues our local cities have to offer because other responsibilities take precedence. Perhaps there’s a museum that you’ve always thought about checking out but never made the time, or maybe a local park that would be the perfect setting for a family picnic. Take the time to sit down with your spouse and children and determine what you might want to check out. To make it even more special, consider grabbing your kids personalized gifts; maybe a customized backpack filled with summer fun items that they can use while you tour around your city—think coloring books, activity pamphlets, and fun snacks that will keep them entertained.

A Summer Fair

The summer is filled with fairs and festivals, no matter how big or small your town is there’s likely to be some sort of gathering happening during the heat of the summer months. Even if you don’t have one in your local area, there’s likely a large fair happening within a few hours’ drive from your home. Make a day out of it and head out with your family to take in the sights of the carnival, ride some rides, and of course indulge a bit in the fair food you only get once a year.


A Local Hotel

If staying in your own home proves to be too distracting, look into checking into a hotel room for the night. You can find cheap last-minute rooms at sites like Hoteltonight.com to ensure you don’t break the budget. Once you get to the hotel, use all the amenities at your fingertips, let the kids rent movies on the hotel television, and order up room service. A little family indulgence is always a welcome treat, and staying in another place will help you feel transported even if home is only five minutes away.

A Backyard Camping Trip

Head out into the great outdoors… in your backyard. Don’t worry about packing up all the camping materials by turning your background into a camping haven. It beats having to assure your little ones that bears won’t come sniffing around the campsite, and you’ll have all the wonderful luxuries of home at your fingertips; showers, toilets, and plenty of blankets to go around. Consider investing in a small portable firepit and roast hot dogs and marshmallows around the fire. You and your little ones can sing campfire songs, tell ghost stories, and have a roaring good time without having to travel anywhere.


The Final Rule

Traveling allows us to get away from life’s distractions, and one temptation that comes with staying at home during vacation time is the presence of technology. Talk with your family before the staycation occurs and place some ground rules about the presence of phones and laptops. That means no video games for the kids, and no working from home from mom and dad. Also try to avoid doing any household chores; everything from laundry to dusting can wait. This time should be about relaxing and bonding with your family, so deviate from your usual routine and make your home a wondrous new place for you and your kids.

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