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First Date When You Are Over 50: The Ultimate Style Guide

Dating is hard, but once you reach a certain age, it definitely gets harder. If you’re over 50 and are trying to date, you probably know the challenges that come with being in the dating game. Some women feel genuinely lost, while others are doing really great, the point is, there are no rules that will guarantee you a happy relationship, but some things can certainly help you increase your chances of finding the right partner. One of them is learning how to dress on the first date, so here are some tips that will help you pick the right clothes and feel self-confident and pretty:

1. Act your age

The biggest mistake women make is trying to act younger, which often makes them look comical, rather than sexy. Sure, having a great body is always a bonus, but wearing crop tops should be reserved for teenagers and younger women. Now, that doesn’t mean you should dress modestly, but embracing your age and being proud of it can make you look sexier than acting like a college student. The same goes for ultra-short skirts and shirts with weird patterns and childish prints.

2. Aim to conceal your imperfections

Being older has its upsides for sure, but when it comes to body shape, some things are more difficult to take care of, such as excess skin, or a bit of body weight. Now, losing weight in the 50s can be more difficult, so unless you’re prepared for grueling gym sessions, it’s better to accept yourself and incorporate some physical activities such as yoga or Pilates, rather than excessive cardio. When it comes to picking clothes, it’s best to opt for pieces that will conceal your imperfections, such as high-waisted trousers and well-tailored blazers. Choosing clothes according to your body type can be a great place to start, as you’ll finally understand body weight isn’t the only factor when it comes to picking clothing items.

3. Classic clothes are always a good choice

When you don’t know what to do, it’s best to stick to classic pieces such as a quality pair of jeans and a buttoned white shirt. These items will always look good and well-put, regardless of your age. So choosing a maxi dress with interesting prints will make you feel attractive and self-confident. Dresses and long skirts, paired with ankle boots or even biker boots will make your outfit stand out, especially if you love to experiment with various clothing items.

4. Make sure you’re comfortable

Being comfortable doesn’t mean wearing a tracksuit and a pair of sneakers, but rather making sure you’re wearing clothes that are comfy enough so you won’t be distracted during the date. Some clothes are truly stunning and elegant but aren’t meant to be worn during casual dinners when you’re supposed to be relaxed while trying to have fun with your date. The same goes for high heels and ultra-tight clothes — they might look good in photos, but going on a first date should make you feel focused and self-assured, and uncomfortable clothes aren’t the best way to get there.

5. Don’t overdo it

Men generally don’t pay attention to dressing up compared to women, so the safest way to look great is to not overdo it. The safest way to pick an appropriate outfit is to match it with the place you’re going to. So, casual date in a coffee shop doesn’t require a glamorous outfit, so it’s best to wear something less flashy and more comfortable. If you’re going to a fancy restaurant, then you know that you should pick an elegant outfit, and chances are your date will do the same. Also, since not all dating sites are created equal, meaning that people who register aren’t always likely to match your interests and personality, therefore always make sure to pick the one, such as that has interesting people who’ll be the right fit for you.

Final thoughts

Dressing for the first date isn’t hard, just keep in mind to pick the clothes suitable for the occasion, and always remember to be well-presented and tidy, as that’s the first thing people tend to notice about other people.

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