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Feng Shui Turns Every Day into Valentine’s Day

There is a certain holiday coming up, all pink and red, wine and roses, Hallmark cards and hearts. If you are in a loving relationship it is a day to show your partner appreciation. A time to get romantic and turn your back on the day to day responsibilities and small irritants and revel in each other’s love and admiration. But if you are single, whether by choice or by circumstance, it can be a rather dreaded occasion as you sit home in the dark, downing a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey and watching reruns of Sex and the City.

In Feng Shui, where our environment mirrors our lives, we want it of course to look it’s very best. We want it clean, energized, filled with items we love, items that have a purpose, that serve us well. We want to be able to relax, feel comfortable, to feel at “home”.

Our home in Feng Shui is divided into several life areas, and one of those sectors rules the romance area. There are specific guidelines for adding to or removing items in this area to attract or maintain a wonderful relationship. They make perfect sense when you stop and think about them and can all be applied to your bedroom.

If you are single but want to attract a partner, you want to make room for that person. If your bedroom is too cluttered, if you use it as a combination work/sleep space, if it is overly feminine with lots of pastels, lace, and teddy bears on the bed, you might be saying several things. Perhaps you are happy with the way things are, or maybe you’re not ready for a relationship.

If that is not your intent, you can remedy this. First, make sure you have two nightstands. They do not have to match but should be of equal size. Have two table lamps, and again, they do not have to match but should be of equal size to promote equality. Strive to balance the yin and yang. That means not too masculine and not too feminine. If you are not sure how to do this, get inspiration from home design magazines, Pinterest, or your favorite hotel rooms. Add some of your personality and make it your own personal retreat.

Add items in pairs, use the most luxurious linens you can afford, remove the TV (or at least put it behind closed doors or cover at night) remove items from under the bed, don’t sleep under heavy beams, and as much as you might not like me saying this, if you have a King size bed, consider a Queen. Much better Feng Shui. Keeps people connected.

If you are in a relationship look at this room with fresh eyes. Does it best serve both of you? Do you both feel comfortable, enjoy the colors, the art? You both live here and you should both love it.

In Feng Shui, bedrooms are best used for sleep and intimacy. They are not to be used as workspaces, exercise rooms or catch alls. Clear out any clutter and make this space as extraordinary as you would like your relationship to be. Unfortunately, we tend to pay more attention to the rooms in our homes that are public spaces and neglect the areas that are private. Our energy is very connected to our bedroom. We spend the most amount of concentrated time here, we sleep here, heal here, and love here.

When we think of romance we are usually transported to a place with things like soft music, candlelight, fire in the fireplace, beautifully set tables, a delicious aromatic meal, possibly by the sea. This is just one example of how sensitive we are to our surroundings and how much they affect our thoughts, moods and actions. Try to create the mood we want to surround ourselves with on a daily basis. We don’t need to let Hallmark remind us about the importance of appreciation, gratitude and living well, do we?

So, if you love little white fairy lights, don’t wait until December. String them around your house now. If you love listening to classical musical and it lifts your mood and makes you sing inside, turn it up and turn down the noise of the TV. Why put away the good china and use the old chipped and mismatched dishware unless it is a special occasion or we have company? Why don’t we treat ourselves like the gifts we are, every day, all year long? We all need love, to give love and to get love. So make room for that special someone, make room for yourself, and treat each other like everyday is Valentine’s Day.

Kim Klein


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