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Feng Shui – 5 Tips to Create a Happy, Healthy Home

Feng Shui is an age-old practice, but its principles remain relevant. While it’s entirely possible to implement Feng Shui throughout your entire home using the rules found on a bagua chart or map, there are simpler ways to create the balance that’s needed for a happy, healthy home.

Remove symbols of negativity

Symbolism plays an important role in Feng Shui. The first step to creating a happy home is to remove anything that might lead to feelings of negativity. Anything that reminds you of fear, challenges, or discomfort should be removed. Anything that can’t be removed, but that might cause you to feel a sense of stress, should be stowed out of sight; for example, keep your bills stored in a file cabinet or desk drawer.

Once you’ve removed things that promote feelings of negativity, replace them with items you love. Try beautiful artwork, photos of loved ones, or even a lovely lamp!

Clear away clutter

Energy, also known as chi, needs to flow from one area of your home to the next. Clutter causes stagnation and prevents fresh energy from flowing. Feng Shui experts recommend clearing away anything that doesn’t have a purpose, or that doesn’t bring you great joy. The reason for this is that clutter causes confusion and emotional negativity while acting as an anchor for energy, stopping the flow of chi and preventing good things from manifesting in our lives.

Choose comfortably curved furnishings

Too many straight lines can create a sense of harshness and cause energy to flow through the home too quickly. Soften the flow of energy and prevent the so-called “poison arrows” that can form when too many harsh lines and pointed angles are present. Choose soft, comfortable recliners that promote the relaxation that’s essential for good health, and opt for things like rounded tables, picture frames, and mirrors instead of severe, straight edges.

Note: You don’t have to replace everything with straight edges; simply adding balance should help the flow of chi and create soft, welcoming focal points.

Focus on the front door

In Feng Shui, energy enters your home through the front door. You’ll want to make your front entryway appealing, so ensure that your porch or patio is clutter-free, well-lit, and tastefully decorated. Hang a mirror directly inside the entryway and place a rounded console table underneath.

If you have no foyer, consider installing a shoji screen or simply adding elements such as a small, round table and a patterned rug to slow the flow of energy slightly and encourage happiness to take a wandering, circuitous route through your home. This tactic becomes even more important if there’s a straight visual line between your front door and your back door. Slowing the flow of chi will prevent energy from leaving too quickly.

Balance the elements

There are five elements in Feng Shui: Fire, water, earth, wood, and metal. Each should be represented within your home, either physically, or with artwork or colors that symbolize them. The fire element is a great example of one that’s often represented with bright, warm red or orange colors rather than an actual candle or fireplace.

Finally, welcome freshness and beauty into your space at every opportunity. Focus on allowing fresh air, space and natural light into your home, add plants and flowers, play music that pleases your ears, use lovely aromatherapy products to add light, natural fragrance, and avoid negative media. With just a little bit of effort, it’s easy to transform your home into a healthy, comforting respite from the stresses of the world outside.

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