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Exciting New Options for Solo Woman Travelers

The travel season will be soon upon us but being single doesn’t mean you have to spend your vacation at home with the cat. There are many new inspiring vacation options for single baby boomers. Whether you want to enjoy a favorite activity, learn something new or meet other like-minded people, it’s about traveling solo – but not alone.

Remember the phrase “solo traveler” typically refers to people traveling on their own, either married or unmarried. That means tours for solo travelers include not only eligible singles, but also people with no romantic ambitions whatsoever. “Singles” tours, on the other hand can be the term used for those seeking love connections. Check out the orientation of a specific option you like so you won’t be surprised on this issue. Often solo travel groups tend to have more women than men travelers.

Solo travel for women is becoming a strong trend. The Travel Industry Responds to Rise in Solo Sojourners

The Spa Vacation

A spa vacation is a great option for relaxing, recuperating and re-energizing. Spas tend to attract mostly women, but not necessarily exclusively. Warm weather spas often offer classes with nature walks, water exercises, fitness classes and a little sunbathing plus skin, body and beauty treatments. Healthy eating.is emphasized. Rancho La Puerto in Tecata, Mexico, just below the border near San Diego, is the very popular original of this type of spa.

Spa vacations are available throughout the United States from Maine to California, as well as more remote and exotic locations. If the snow is falling outside, cold weather spas may offer an aromatherapy massage before a crackling log fire. They tend to have attractions like hot stone massages, mineral baths and a full range of specialized pampering treatments.

Don’t be put off by the price; spa vacations are available at a range of prices. They are especially popular with single women during holiday periods, when they may also offer better pricing.

Special Interest Vacation

Take the stress out of planning a vacation and explore a passion or learn something new with this option. It’s a great way to soak up a unique culture, improve a skill, enjoy beautiful scenery and eliminate the stress that you’ve been hoarding over the past few months. The range of retreat holidays is large. If a yoga retreat on the beaches of Southern Spain is not for you, you might prefer a painting or a small group photography vacation almost anywhere in the world. For something more active, you could saddle up for a cowgirl retreat in the heart of Montana or take a wildlife conservation tour. Whichever type of activity you choose, the exhilaration you find will likely come home with you when the holiday is over.

Cruise Solo

The New York Time reports that “It’s fantastic news for solo travelers to see lines like Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, P&O and Holland American offering solo Cabins to make traveling alone easier and more affordable.” A Break for Those Who Cruise Alone

A cruise could be the perfect way to combine pampering yourself with visiting exotic locations and meeting interesting people. The great news is solo cruises are not just for younger people. These days there are many cruise companies that cater specifically for singles over 50. Many cruises also cater to specal niches. One of the great things about this option is that you can enjoy a combination of structured and unstructured activities, You can relax or mingle with the other singles whenever it suits you. You can make new friends in an easy atmosphere.

The Education Trip

Immerse yourself with hands-on experience with an enriching educational vacation. An educational volunteer archeological dig in Colorado’s Mesa Verde region, a creativity workshop in Florence, Italy, or an environmental snorkeling exploration in Fiji are some of the exciting options. If you are looking for something really unique to learn, you can combine a fascinating holiday in New Zealand with lessons on Maori bone carving. You could try a vocation vacation, and sample a different kind of career. At the New Dungeness Lighthouse in the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge in Washington, you can actually be a lighthouse keeper for a week.

Women’s Adventure Holidays

If you’re looking for a women-only holiday that’s fun and friendly, consider a physical adventure holiday. Women’s adventure holidays are becoming increasingly popular for all ages, particularly women between 50 and 65. You can enjoy the winter weather on a skiing trip in the mountains, or skip winter altogether and head for a safari.

Adventure Woman promotes the experience of wildlife viewing and photography. They report, “Our typical adventure traveler at AdventureWomen® is 35-65 years old; however, these days many of our clients who are over 65 are as physically fit as younger women. She’s quite satisfied with her life and successful in her current job or situation. Most of our guests are traveling solo, some for the first time.”

There are many adventure travel options in different areas of the world to explore. Just a few others are hiking the ancient Camino de Santiago in France or visiting the splendors of Bhutan.

Have you tried a special kind of vacation? What would you recommend to other women?

Main Photo Credit: www.AdventureWomen.com – Ara in Machu Piccho

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  • Sondra Berman

    Hi, Since I am often a solo traveller, I found your article informative and helpful. I would like to add another option for the solo traveller. Grand Circle Land Tours provides a wonderful trip and no single supplement. I have done several trips with them and found excellent accommodations and very congenial people. The charge for the trip is per person and no additional if your alone in a room, perfect for solo traveling.

  • OllieB

    I would love to to take a solo cruise to Nova Scotia. I have to save my pennies to realize this dream, but I have never been on a cruise, as my former husband never liked the idea. Now that we are divorced – I can add this dream to my dream board.

  • Phoebe

    This is so cool. I would be afraid to travel alone as I am getting older. It’s helpful to know it can be done while feeling reasonably secure.

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