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Eat These Foods to Naturally Boost Your Brainpower and Focus

Are you aware that your diet has a direct impact on your focus and brainpower? Yes, the right types of food you eat can make you mentally productive, positive, and sharp. The other foods can leave you with a feeling of mental fogginess, depression, and anxiety.

As a woman over 50, it is essential to know which foods are notably rich in nutrient content which can protect, create, or even repair your damaged brain cells.

These foods are also essential in supplying the body with necessary neurotransmitter building blocks to promote chemical cells required for the control of memory and learning new things.

These foods also offer you the essential brain nutrients to help protect against various mental conditions in the present while keeping at bay future degenerative brain conditions.

These foods are super-foods for the brain.

1. Olive Oil

Are you familiar with the Mediterranean diet? Then, you understand that olive oil is an integral part of healthy eating habits. Olive oil is probably added to these diets because it contains monounsaturated fats which are essential in boosting brain health.

To understand the benefits of these fats on brainpower and focus, you should know that research has found a connection between increased monounsaturated fat consumption and improved cognitive function and memory (1).

Olive oil contains 30 phenolic compounds and above. These compounds include free radical scavengers and potent antioxidants. Also, it has significant vitamin K and E amounts which play a critical role in the prevention of mental decline and the improvement of memory, especially among aging women.

Olive oil increases brain-derived neurotransmitter factor levels. Such high levels are critical in offsetting depression and stress-related effects on your brain.

Olive oil further uniquely possesses oleocanthal which enhances the oil’s anti-inflammatory properties. This substance further eliminates the beta-amyloid protein content from the brain to minimize the risk for Alzheimer’s.

Just two olive oil tablespoons each day are enough to give you the required dosage to enhance brainpower.

2. Vitamin E

Whether you are concerned about memory issues or you have diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, there are fatty acids and vitamins which could significantly prevent or slow down cognitive decline. Vitamin E appears effective for improved brainpower.

There is considerable evidence which links vitamin E to a better mind and improved memory among aging women. The American Medical Association Journal has revealed that high vitamin E amounts are essential for individuals diagnosed with moderate to mild Alzheimer’s disease (2).

Even though it is very vital that women over 50 get an adequate supply of vitamin E from their diets, everyone can benefit from this vitamin regardless of their cognitive state or age.

For an ample access to vitamin E, ensure that your diet incorporates the following foods:

  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Veggies
  • Avocados and other dark-colored fruits

3. Tumeric

When turmeric is mentioned, what most commonly comes to mind is the long list of spices including vanilla, saffron, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, and pepper. The potent antioxidant properties present in these spices has substantial benefits for the brain.

However, turmeric is the unchallenged standout of all spices.

Turmeric has over 100 identifiable compounds. Some of these compounds possess powerful neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant characteristics (3).

Indeed, turmeric is preferred for its essential antidepressant characteristics, and it is thought to achieve even higher efficiency compared to Prozac. Turmeric shows significant benefits over antidepressants because it is safe for use and has not been associated with any side effects. Turmeric can be used indefinitely and it makes a safe alternative combination with other natural depression remedies. In India, seniors who regularly incorporate turmeric in their diets are reported to indicate the lowest Alzheimer’s rates in the world.

For actual benefits for brainpower, use a half teaspoon of turmeric to prepare your meals each day.

4. Walnuts

All nut types brim with minerals, vitamins, and protein. The lifespan of those who eat nuts is considerably longer than for those who do not.

As the undisputed nut champion, walnuts are among the best alpha-linoleic acid sources. ALA is the plant version of the popular omega-3 fatty acids. Also, walnuts are regarded as one of the few foods with rich serotonin deposits. Serotonin is a special compound associated with mood elevation.

Walnuts have a direct impact on brainpower and focus. Research shows that walnuts possess pedunculagin, a unique polyphenol which carries powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics which help to alleviate brain inflammation (4).

When eaten by older women, walnuts have the potential to promote brain aging parameter reversal.

A minimum of a single tablespoon of walnuts should be eaten each day.

5. Eggs

Eggs have been associated with increased levels of cholesterol in the body. However, what critics fail to note is the research that casts a shadow of distrust on these claims. They fail to identify the vast benefits of eggs, especially among elderly female patients.

Research in studies among aging women diagnosed with mild cognitive decline notes that intake of B12 and B6 vitamins, as well as folic acid, showed a significant reduction in brain shrinkage among these participants after two years (5).

B vitamins make vital brain chemical precursors including epinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine. As a result, B vitamins have been associated with an improved mental function.

Fish or chicken also can be eaten for a B vitamin-rich diet.

What are your natural food secrets to better focus and brainpower? Have you ever tried any of the above foods to enhance your cognitive function? Kindly share with us for 50 plus women generation with agile brainpower and focus.

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