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Easy New Way to Capture Family Memories

I wish I knew about my grandparents’ early lives. How did they meet? What was it like being a soldier in World War I? Did their parents all speak English at home? What was a school room like? What about their weddings? My grandparents are gone and so many of the stories are, too. Now my parents are gone as well and I find there is so much I wish knew and could pass on. I think many of us feel the same way.

Women over 50 have begun to have more appreciation for family histories and feel the urge to pass them on to younger generations. However, actually writting a family history or capturing stories sounds like a daunting and time-consuming task . Now there is a clever concept to make it much easier and more fun.

Here’s the very useable solution created by the site StoryWorth. They explain…

“Family stories bring us closer together. They help our children understand where they come from and what their family values are, and let grandparents connect with their grandchildren.”

1. Each week, we email your loved ones a question about their life.
2. All they have to do is reply with a story, by email or by phone.
3. We save their stories and share them with your family.

I like this method. No long and arduous writing is required. Small, doable segments are easier to write and yet people would be likely to provide more fascinating detail in response to the single question.

No one has to be able to deal with technology unless they prefer, as questions and answers can be done by email or by audio recording. The recording is made by essentially leaving a message on the the StoryWorth phone, which is then saved as an MP3 file.

The subscription fee for StoryWorth is $49 a year which covers 6 family members and unlimited data storage. All the stories are private.

If researching your family tree is an interest, Ancestory.com is the biggest site. They’ve updated the site and added a lot of new features for finding relatives and discovering your ethnicity. FamilyLineVideo also has a list of many sites for researching and documenting family histories.

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