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Do You Two Agree On Retirement Plans?

Are you and your partner on the same page when it comes to retirement or are you reading different books? This simple quiz will help you get a quick glimpse into how each of you views your communication. Instructions: Do the quiz separately and then share your results.

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Give yourself a “T” for each statement you believe is true. Notice the areas that you may want to talk more about.

  • We have talked about our timetable for retirement.
  • We have planned for future medical and health care needs.
  • We know that our roles may change as we go through transition.
  • Intimacy and affection are an important part of our relationship.
  • We make financial decisions together.
  • Having time together and time apart is important to both of us.
  • We talk about lifestyle and where we may want to live.
  • We agree on our obligations and responsibilities to family.
  • Social and community connections are a satisfying part of our lives.
  • We have shared values and know what’s important to each other.

Where do you fall on the scale below? How many “T”s do you have in common? Remember, this is meant to be a helpful tool for opening communication. No blaming or shaming allowed!


10 Give each other a big hug. You’re ready to write the “How To” book for couples.
7–9 Sounds like you’re in synch. Ongoing communication is important as you plan for what’s next.
4–6 You’re on the right track. Practice listening to each other and sharing what’s important to you.
1–3 You’re not alone. Many couples need help being able to talk about important issues related to retirement.

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