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Do You Really Know What Makes You Happy?

How do you define happiness?

Isn’t it ironic that an experience so sought after means something entirely different to each one of us? For some, the word is synonymous with safety, security, and peace of mind. For others, it’s measured by the presence of passion and adventure. According to the media and pop culture, the recipe for happiness is simply a matter of having the perfect body, the perfect job, and the perfect relationship. With all these competing definitions about what happiness is, it’s no wonder that so many find it difficult to attain.

I believe there is a deeper reason that happiness can feel so elusive and fleeting, and this is because we’ve been trained to define it as a single emotion – as a feeling of accomplishment, of victory, of passion, relaxation… or as any one of a thousand other sensations. But no one emotion can capture the experience we call happiness, for the simple reason that “happiness” is not an emotion at all. The experience we call happiness occurs when the energy of our thoughts, emotions, ideas and beliefs flow through us unbounded, free, and unencumbered by resistance.

Thanks to both quantum physics and modern science, it’s now a well-accepted fact that energy – not matter – is the primary substance that comprises everything that exists in the universe. Even things that our senses tell us are solid– rocks, mountains, trees, and flesh-and-bone human beings – are made up entirely of energy. When the energy of our thoughts, feelings and desires are expressed without resistance, we register this experience as one of being “happy.”

Whether we experience happiness as a sensation of passion, an experience of peace, or anything in between, one thing is common to all: Happiness is generated when we are in a state of Allowing.

Allowing is our natural state. It’s the way we’re all born when we enter the world – pliable, receptive, deserving, and open to every possible expression of well-being, abundance, happiness and joy. In its free and unobstructed state, our body-mind system is in direct connection and communion with the unlimited energy and inspiration of the universe; it flows through us like water rushes through an open pipe.

When we are allowing the full expression of who we are to be expressed in any given moment of time, every aspect of us is enhanced. Physically, we feel alive and vibrant; our senses are keen and we are open to connection and pleasurable experiences. Mentally, our creativity and problem-solving abilities are heightened. Emotionally, we feel free, uninhibited, exhilarated.

Seen within this broader context, choosing happiness has literally nothing to do with seeking out experiences that provide a temporary feel-good or striving to achieve a certain goal. It is instead a purely energetic shift that we affect within the matrix of our own mind-body system. It’s the act of deliberately raising our vibration so that our energy field moves at a rate that is higher, faster, and unobstructed.

Happiness is a state of being that is available anywhere, anytime, and in the midst of any circumstance. To access it, all you need to do is gradually raise the frequency of your own energy field. Start with something that feels easy. Read something that inspires you. Think a thought that motivates you. Recall an experience that floods you with love. Reach out to someone to express gratitude or appreciation. Watch a movie that makes you laugh. Move your body in a way that feels good.

Rather than focusing on experiencing happiness as a particular emotion, focus on simply liberating the energy of your own thoughts and feelings. Happiness is your essential state.

by: Christy Whitman

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