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Dating Tips for Women Over 50

Most single women 50 +are no longer interested in marriage but do want to date and eventually have a relationship, according to a recent study. “Jumping back into the dating pool is never easy but with a few tips anyone can be successful,” according to New York City’s sought after anti aging coach, Andrea Warshaw Wernick.

“My important dating tips will help mature women bring their best self to the table so they can ‘get out there’ with confidence,” says Andrea.

*Once you decide to go back to dating, start with a positive attitude. If you are optimistic about meeting someone, you will have more of a chance of making that happen.

*Give yourself a dating makeover so you feel good about yourself and how you look. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. Try a new lipstick, a new haircut, or just a special “dating outfit.” It doesn’t matter what it is, just go out there looking a little special and you are bound to have some positive results.

*Reach out to your friends, family and colleagues and let them know that “you are back.” Most people are busy with their own lives. It’s time you let them know what is going on in your life. Tell them that you are open, interested and available to be introduced to someone if they think of anyone. Ask a close but also straightforward friend to be brutally honest and tell you what they think might be an impediment when you get back out there to date. Ask them to critique you in an honest and helpful way so you can put you best foot forward!

*Spend that $20 or $30 and try online dating. Maybe you had a bad experience in the
past, but these are new times. With a positive and revitalized attitude things might be different this time around. Or if you have never tried it, give it a go! Many people have met their significant other this way.

*Schedule an appointment with a Matchmaker and at the very least get some good dating advice from that professional. Matchmakers have been listening and observing what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to dating for years. Schedule a meeting and pick that Matchmaker’s brain and hire one if you can.

*Remember an important rule: “You get invited, you go, and you never know who you are going to meet.” Hence, whenever you get invited out, whether it’s a party, a gathering, a dinner, etc., even if you don’t feel like going, you go. You put on that pretty dress, a smile and positive attitude and you head out the door because “you never know…” As one of my girlfriend’s once told me when I was single and not wanting to go out “ You’ll sleep when you are dead! So Ladies, go for it and you just might get it. I did!

Here are a few more tips to help you feel comfortable on the first few dates with someone new:

1. How can women can protect themselves on a date with a man who’s new to her?

Definitely meet in a public place for the date. Dress appropriately as well: not too sexy!

 2. How can you evaluate whether you want a second date?

Go with your gut on this one. If you like him and feel comfortable with him –  yes go out again!

3. What’s the best way to turn down a second date or turn down the opportunity for a first one?

Be very nice when he asks her out either for the first or 2nd date and say that you don’t think that you should move forward. He should read “between the lines” that you aren’t interested. Thank him and perhaps you have someone for him? There is a “Cover for every pot!”

4. Who pays the check?

He Should.. No Question!!!

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