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Dating Over 50? Tips for Every Woman Ready to Mingle

Entering in to the dating game can be an overwhelming adventure for every woman, but for single women 50+ the thought can sometimes be downright scary. The good news is, more seniors than ever are jumping into the dating game and finding that it can be a fun and rewarding way to meet a partner they can share their life with.

Whether you have been single for a while, are divorced, or are a widow, deciding to date again can be very exciting. However, many women find they are a bit rusty when trying to enter the dating world again for the first time in a while. Not to worry! Some time may have passed since you went on a first date, but here are some great tips for senior women who are ready to give love a chance again.

  • Remember, everyone is a little nervous. If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of starting to date again, don’t get yourself too worked up about it! Many people are apprehensive about beginning to date at this point in their lives. It is completely normal, and your best option is just to relax and have a little fun.
  • Take it slow. If you haven’t dated in a long time and are ready to give it a try again, do your best to take it slow. It can be emotional or overwhelming to start dating again as a senior, so start with a casual date or two to get your feet wet. Easing into the process will only be easier for you.
  • Take advantage of what your city has to offer. Recently, SeniorAdvice.com came up with a list of their top 15 cities for single seniors. If you live in one of these cities, it can be a great opportunity for you to take advantage of what your home town has to offer. These cities were ranked based on their SeniorScore which ranks livability for senior citizens, and looks at health and safety, finances, leisure and recreation, and general quality of life. Even if your city is not on the list, you may be surprised to find what fun senior-centered activities your city has, and how it can help you find the partner you have been looking for.
  • Have confidence! One of the best parts about dating as a senior, as opposed to dating as a younger adult is that you know who you are and what you want out of a relationship, so be confident in yourself! You can learn a lot from your past relationships and these lessons can teach you about what works for you and what doesn’t. Don’t dwell on your past relationships, but use this information to figure out what you want.
  • Try something new. Sure, dating as a senior may seem like a lot of new territory to cover, but it is also a great excuse to get adventurous. Nothing can help you bond with someone quite like sharing a new experience together. So, whether it is ice skating for the first time or exploring a new town, push yourself to try something new on your dates. It can certainly help you have fun!
  • Plan the date yourself. In today’s day and age, women can definitely take the lead and plan the date, so plan for something that you like to do. It can help show your companion what you are interested in so they can get to know you. Whether this means exploring a museum or going to your favorite ice cream shop, it is a great way to share a little about yourself.
  • Attend a local meetup. There are lots of single seniors who are interested in dating, which is why so many cities and towns around the country have senior meetup events. These are really casual, but also a great way to interact with other seniors in your community who are interested in dating. It is an easy way to ease into dating and to see first-hand that there are lots of seniors looking for companionship. If you are feeling even more adventurous, you can try online dating! There are plenty of apps and websites specifically targeted at seniors.

Dating as a senior can be a lot of a fun, and it can help open up a new and exciting chapter in your life. Instead of being nervous about the prospect of dating, go into it with a positive attitude and keep these tips in mind. You may be surprised to find just how much you enjoy it!

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