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Celebrate the Renewal of Your Wedding Vows Over 50

A wedding vow renewal is surely one of the biggest moments for any couple; how amazing does it feel to reinstate your love to each other, after years of success through love and hardships? After spending some time together, the time comes when you want to put back that ‘spark’ back into your life, and look into your spouse’s eyes and tell them you love them,all over again.

The question then remains, how will you create a wedding vow renewal ceremony that is a reflection of you, today and at the same time, reflects your dreams at the beginning, along with the future progression of those plans? We know your mind is running wild, so read on and let the ideas for your vow renewal ceremony flow, right in time for your special day again!

Recreate the Wedding you Never Had!

There are many reasons for why couples decide to renew their vows, all of which are the utmost personal, however it is known that it’s very common for couples to do so because they didn’t have the ‘dream day’ they hoped for, the first time.

Take the opportunity to use your vow renewals as a chance to execute the wedding of your dreams  (tropical getaway, perhaps or winter vacation?), a day which you may not have afforded previously, and what better chance to live the original dream, than to do so for your renewals?! Whether you want to jump on a 1 week cruise with just your hubby, or have an intimate ceremony between your spouse and close family and friends, do it again in a way that gives you the wedding you never had!

Express your Love in Your Marriage Renewal (In Words)

Wedding renewal vows are expected to include words that show your spouse how much you care about them, what the many years together have meant for you, and how you wish to continue on in the future! Many couples repeat their original wedding vows, which is perfectly acceptable, however isn’t it much more meaningful to create new vows which represent the life since your marriage to each other? Definitely! Perhaps you’ve had some hard challenges with your spouse, and turns out, love conquered, or you may just want to celebrate, because, to put it simply, you have undying love for each other. To each is their own, but just keep in mind the high importance of your renewal vows, realizing these words are the most important of all; choose wisely (and honestly)!

To Have Renewal Wedding Attendants or Not?

Some say that couples who had a big wedding when they got married initially should not include attendants again, or have attendants at all, for that matter. The opinion lies within the idea that this time, in the vow renewal ceremony, there is no need for anyone to escort the bride down the aisle, as this is very much a ‘first time’ wedding tradition. Break free from the tradition, after all, it’s your vow renewals, and skip on having the typical positions set, perhaps walking down the aisle, together!

This is just a school of thought and it is certainly not cast in stone; you can do whichever pleases you! For example, if you must have attendants, instead of the elaborate gowns wornby your bridesmaid the first time, you may opt for them to wear something casual and instead of tuxedo, the men can wear a matching suit; it’s your choice! The most important aspect of any vow renewal ceremony, is that the moment is reflective of the couple, so follow this rule of thumb!

And What to Wear?

The biggest question for the ‘again’ bride is always, what to wear?! This is a personal choice and nothing is off the table, as long as it’s respectable, of course. For example, if you can still fit into your original wedding gown, you are at liberty to wear it again – especially if the overall theme of your vow renewals, is to relive that ‘first moment’ (the options are endless!).

Alternatively, if you want to keep it more low key, opt for a favorite dress or ‘special occasion’ clothing item – whichever makes you feel your very best! The key point here, is don’t feel the pressure to follow any typical rule, it’s all about you and your spouse. If you follow any rule, you should make your choice depending on how small, intimate, large or formal the renewal ceremony is, and what you want the overall tone of the event to be.

To Have a New Renewal Wedding Ring or Not?

Remember, this is not a regular wedding ceremony; a vow renewal is much more liberal in terms of what you can do, so don’t be afraid to use your creativity, and that follows especially true when it comes to the decision of whether to purchase new wedding rings, or not.

You may be very happy with the wedding rings you chose on your wedding day, however many couples find that, once time to renew their vows, they want something new, whether that be due to a bigger budget, or otherwise. If this resonates with you, possibly one of the best recommendations to give for a vow renewal ceremony, is to go ahead and create personalized, bespoke wedding rings for you and yours! Just imagine the options; after your many years together, a ring can say a whole lot (like this Star Wars-inspired wedding ring, for the fan couple!).

Time to Celebrate!

It could just be small gathering at home, or a large party at a reception hall, as you may have guessed, it’s your call, and always consider the overall ambience you would like your renewal ceremony.

Whichever the case, make it a memorable event. It is an opportunity for you and your spouse to dance to your favorite song in the presence of your family, friends and well wishers. You can have a cake, or cupcakes, and toasts prepared in honor of your lasting love; it’s all simply in perspective! Use the opportunity to adore your spouse, tell guests about your love life and inspire others to love and be loved.

At the end of the day, the bottom line is to give your relationship the chance it deserves to succeed, widely against all odds, and strengthen your love for one another. This is the most important thing in marriage, so don’t miss the opportunity to make it one of the best moments in your life!

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