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BOOM! by Cindy Joseph: Beauty for Women Over 50

Cindy Joseph – was a model, makeup artist. She celebrated the 6th anniversary of her cosmetics company, BOOM! by Cindy Joseph. The photo above is Cindy in the BOOM! Development Lab in Hawaii.

“The world does not need another tube of lipstick,” she says. “The whole world was making cosmetics, but every single line was ‘anti-age.’ A woman over 50 would be led away from all the fun cosmetics and given a jar of anti-aging cream. I wanted to make the first pro-age cosmetic line.”

Throughout her life, Cindy has had an interest in older people. Paired with her background as a model and celebrity makeup artist, she based her company on what she believed the market was lacking. Each of product is made with simple, natural ingredients (like honey and beeswax) in small batches, and address the specific issues encountered by women over 50.

Cindy explains, “We don’t use just any beeswax. We use unprocessed beeswax directly from the hive. We keep all the ingredients directly from the hive together in their natural form. So when we pull out the honey comb which is full of honey, propolis, pollen and royal jelly, we blend all of that together. The beeswax is full of nutrients, antiseptics,and moisture attracting goodies. It is all blended together with organic olive oil and purified water. We did test the formula before finalizing the recipe for consistency and effect with great results. Since our launch we have received thousands of cindy-josephtestimonials from our customers, reporting their acne, rosacea, psoriasis, athletes foot, and more clearing up, as well as pore refinement and very effective all over moisturizing.

The natural healing properties of honey are unprecedented in healing burns, abrasions, acne, sunburns, and a long list of other skin irritations. BOOM! products contain no emulsifiers, binders, parabens, phthalates, colors or perfumes and is also cruelty free and gluten free.”

Boom Silk is a moisturizer that can be used everywhere on your face and body. It’s honey-based, which naturally stimulates collagen, attracts and retains moisture. Honey is also a natural preservative containing vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are easily absorbed into the skin. The moisturizer can be used over the face, lips and body, and it’s suitable even for very sensitive skin.

Boom Cotton is a “shine controlled” moisturizer, which avoids the distracting shine or oily look of greasier formulas. Its principal ingredient is a form of bees wax, so it leaves a breathable yet protective mantle on skin, holding in lubrication and hydration. Boom Cotton also creates a barrier, protecting skin from damaging weather and environmental toxins.

Boomsticks are a very different sort of cosmetic. The 3 sticks add color, shimmer and moisture to the skin for a natural makeup look. Instead of dry powder blusher, Boomstick Color adds a moist, natural-looking color to any skin tone and can be used anywhere on the face – even instead of lipstick. Boomstick Glo adds moisture whenever the skin feels a little dry. The recommendation is to apply whenever your skin feels a little dry. but use it sparingly. Boomstick Glimmer adds a soft, sheer, pearlescent sheen. All Boomsticks are designed to be easily carried in a purse for touch ups during the day.

BoomTouch is a truly fascinating and useful product. In addressing the needs of women over 50, Cindy realized that vaginal discomfort is a continuing issue; but she wasn’t happy with the commercially available products she came across. She wanted to address vaginal irritation and inflammation with lubrication that was both natural and effective.

This product, which is OBGYN-recommended, is made from purified water, organic extra virgin olive oil and beeswax. (We removed the honey to prevent stimulation of yeast infection). The olive oil is a natural lubricant and the bee propolis supplements the anti-bacterial effect that normal vaginal fluid provides prior to menopause.

Cindy told us, “One gynecologist who offers it to his patients wrote this recommendation: ‘The benefit of this cream, Boom Touch, from that of other products for vaginal lubrication is that it is both natural and therapeutic. The olive oil is a great natural lubricant and the bee propolis contains the anti-bacterial effects that normal vaginal fluid provides prior to menopause. From a gynecologic point of view, the vaginal tissue has less inflammation and irritation with repeated use of Boom Touch.’

In summary, BoomTouch decreases irritation and inflammation and provides lubrication. It is satisfying to my patients and their partners. Unlike other creams, BoomTouch doesn’t dry out quickly.”

Boom products are made in Hawaii under completely sterile conditions, with no animal testing, no paraens or phthalates, and no extra packaging.

“I’m committing reverse ageism,” Cindy says. “I realized from age 21 on, we start getting nervous about telling our age. Women in particular are judged heavily in terms of age and looks. I wanted to give all generations a new idea, a new way of thinking. BOOM! is the sound of the pro-age revolution. It’s not about changing the way you look; it’s not about concealing flaws.”

How does Cindy sum up her company? “It’s a community,” she says. “I’m not in it for the money – I’m in it for the stories. I’m in it for the pro-age revolution. Generations before us wanted to protect us, but it was under specific conditions and parameters. Boomers never accepted the status quo. We’re still rebels, reinventing each decade. I’m so proud of us. We are such wonderful examples for younger generations.”

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