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Best Way to Kidney Health After 50

It may seem too simple and too cheap to be really true, but drinking eight large glasses of water a day is actually a big help in making kidneys function properly especially in older adults. Two new large studies found fewer kidney problems in people over 50 who drank more water and other fluids than people who drank less. In fact, those who drank the most water and other fluids, had “significantly lower risk” of chronic kidney disease.

One study published in the Journal of Nephrology took place in Sidney, Australia. Another similar large study in Canada backed it up. It’s more than just a fashion to carry around that water bottle, it really is good for you.

Several points to keep in mind. 1.You’ll have to urinate more 2. A high water intake with sugar or caffeine (soda, sugary juices) is a bad idea for obvious weight and health reasons and 3. Extreme excesses of water intake in a short period of time is dangerous as it dilutes needed electrolytes You may get a headache. Crazy water drinking competitions have even resulted in deaths.

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