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Best Exercise Wear for Women Over 50

I think it's time I bought some new workout clothes! My standards are looking a bit dingy and definitely not inspiring. New fabrics and styles have been invented especially designed for support, maximum flexibility and strong wash-ability. The styles look fashionable (in that girl jock kind of way) which makes me feel more current. Maybe I'll even work out more!

Bras - Strong support with comfort and flexibility is much better with the specially designed styles. They have wider, more comfortable straps, smooth seams, and durable, breathable fabrics. Danskin's were originally developed for dancers and they have a long history of durability and comfort.

Bottoms - Pants should be designed for ease of movement. You can choose from styles which are loose-fitting for comfort or form-fitting styles for support.

Tops - Several different tops are important to have. They're much nicer to wear than old worn out t-shirts. It's good to have a wardrobe of tops for different temperatures, activities, and locations. Choose a color you love and you'll feel better wearing it.

Cover-ups - An attractive washable cover-up gives you much more flexibility on the way to and from the gym to do shopping or run errands. You can also deal with changing weather if you work out outdoors.

Shoes - The right shoes become more important over 50. I think Merrell shoes are perfect for women's feet after 50. They're lightweight, yet strong with good support. They have a roomy toe box with extra comfort for bunions, corns or any foot problems. They also have mesh inserts to breathe, so feet don't get too hot. A very wide choice of colors is available. Women rave about them in reviews. A supportive, breathable shoe like this Merrell Bare Access Flex 2 E-Mesh Training Shoe can be a great choice:

Bare Access Flex running shoe

Here are some more finds for exercise wear that looks and performs great on over-50 women:

Zella Live-In Sports Bra
Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra
Elomi Energise Sports Bra
Barely-Flare High-Waist Pants
Taryn Ultrasoft Recycled
Live-In Pocket 7/8 Leggings
Twisty Turn Tee
Dry Element Running Top
Butter Short Sleeve Tee
Micro D® Fleece Pullover
Torrentshell Jacket
Uplifted Sweatshirt
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  • Child Care Stafford

    Love this guide, ME and my mom exercise together, I was searching for some great garments for her to wear amid the exercise which can give great help to her and will likewise look great. Presently I have Plenty of Ideas.

  • best volleyball shoes

    Nice piece of writing relating to weight loss. Specially i like your tips for walking, outdoor activates and full sleep. Actually out door activities are vital for today’s tough life style. One can be in shape and wellness by regularly doing some outdoor activities.

  • Janice M Ent

    Can’t find any gym shorts with the classic waist. Hate the below the belly button styles which I keep trying to pull up. Definitely not comfortable to wear or work out in.

  • Diana From LiveClothingUK

    Love this guide, ME and my mother workout together, I was looking for some good clothes for her to wear during the workout which can provide good support to her and will also look good. Now I have Plenty of Ideas.

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