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Being Feisty at 50

Welcome to the 50s Club.

Your 50s is supposed to be a time of calm – time to heave a sigh of relief. The challenging years of juggling responsibilities at home and work are over. However, for many women, the landmark of 50 represents a danger point.

Middle age can surely be daunting as women try to make sense of all the changes that their body goes through. The once effortlessly lively and fit lady can soon feel low on energy and gain weight. Height drops a little, breasts may sag, and hips get wider, and the best of all; hair turns grey!

Okay, so what happens next?

Women panic in an attempt to bring back their former glory trying all sorts of miracles to hide those wrinkles and grey hair to look young. But do these things work? Maybe in the short term. However, instead of making outward amends, what we should really be doing is making lifestyle changes to become healthy.

Middle age is not some scary monster that our culture has made it out to be which eats away your beauty. But if you wish to look as feisty and fabulous at 50 as you were in your youth then you need to change your usual strategy. Why would you even want to look like something that you are not? What is possible though is be a hot, feisty mama who is wise, smart, fun and in good shape.

Where Do You Start

To look great at 50, you will have to make some dietary changes first.

Try to cut back on all junk food and make it a once in a blue moon thing. Junk food like cakes, biscuits, chips, fast food, chocolates, sodas and all prepared packaged foods do more harm than good. They are low in nutrition and high in sugars, sodium, and carbs. Consuming a diet high in fat and processed sugars is also linked to obesity, depression and many nutrient deficiencies. Junk foods will not aid you in maintaining a glowing face, healthy body and happy mind.

If your reason to consume junk food is a change of taste, then there are many creative plus healthy fruit and vegetable recipes that you can make. Use free time to learn how to eat better instead of envying those who you idolize; be it a neighbor or a celebrity. Trust us, it will be more fruitful.

Studies say that your best years begin after 50 when you have more time, resources and fewer worries. A group of scientist surveyed and found out that people are happiest and most content with their lives after the age of 50. This means that you are standing on the jackpot. It’s just that you don’t know it. 50 can definitely be fun. Researchers also say that with better education, healthcare, and life expectancy, a midlife crisis is fading away.

Science says that you are wise enough already to understand yourself and efficiently focus on the good. So having a feisty attitude at fifty shouldn’t be hard. After all, what do you have to lose? Enjoy flirting, it will not only make you have fun but also those around you. Teasing people gently, cracking jokes and flirtatious behavior does no harm and in fact, boosts the self-esteem of the other person, and at this age, nobody will be judging you for it. You can put on your dancing shoes and take a fun class, or join a laughing group where you can unleash your flattery. It will also make you feel younger.

Dress Your Best

Ladies at 50 usually don’t put too much effort into their looks or dressing, which makes every day same and dull. To feel feisty, you have to be fabulous and dressing up can definitely play a role in that. It doesn’t take much to follow the current style. You don’t have to change your wardrobe every season to be fashionable, but you can definitely see what cuts are in and then try them on your body shape.

Be bold and experiment with colorful clothes and even prints! Small elegant prints and thin vertical stripes in well-fitted silhouettes can all add a sweet flavor of vibrancy. On special occasions, put in the effort of making your hair nicely and using accessories and makeup to complement that fresh face and feisty attitude. And you will be unstoppable.

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